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Saudi's funding Sunni Insurgency: more evidence of a proxy war

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posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 01:18 PM

No, we can't win it. People who say we can win it remind me of the las vegas night zombies at the black jack table/roulette wheel/
Thinking "THIS TIME I can turn it around" I admire your optimism but it's time to pay the house.

And it was the same for Vietnam. There was no "sticking it out a little longer"

It's over. U.S. picked a failure of a president and a failure of a administration.
Always remember this: If you wouldn't fight in it, it's most likely it's not worth anyone else's children being invested in. So let's stop the faux bravado.

Game Over- U.S. Loses... It's time to go back to our country and fix things here for a change. We lost over 10 soldiers and god knows how many civilians. Tell Uncle Sam to take out the needle out of his arm and unwind the rubber tubing.

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