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Pixies In Australia

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posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 09:07 PM
Twenty years on and The Pixies are finally going to make their debut appearance in Australia.

Headlining Virgin's V Festival (the first for Australia), The Pixies are gonna be the big drawcard. Tickets are AU$124 but it'll be worth it. Purchased ours on the first day of pre-sale.

It's a ways off yet (April 1,2007), but I am so excited!

Here's hoping it doesn't turn out to be one big April Fool's joke.

I have been waiting for this concert fer nearly twenty years!

V Festival

Has anyone on this board been to any of the reunion shows in Europe and the US?

Or seen them in the distant past?

Tell me about your Pixies experiences... What can I expect?


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