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National road tolls 'in 10 years'

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posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 03:33 PM
I see this is another step to remove the middle class.
How this beneits anyone,im not sure.
But i do know people are already being taxed to the brink of being poor everyday.So now theres this clever way to tax the people even further.
And people cant afford it.Im also willing to guess we will see this "trial" taking place n the U.S as well in the near future.

(BBC)-A national road pricing scheme is a possibility within the next decade, the transport secretary says.

He admitted a "still sceptical" public had yet to be won over to the benefits of road pricing - but said something had to be done to prevent gridlock

Drivers needed first-hand experience of road pricing through pilot schemes in Manchester, Birmingham and elsewhere within the next five years, he said.

It would mean regional pilots within the next four to five years, and the possibility of a national scheme in about a decade's time.

Motorists 'must pay for road use'

Motorists should be asked to pay to drive on the nation's road network, a report commissioned by the government has recommended.

With road charging, drivers would pay more to use roads when they were busy or more congested.

The government has already indicated it will press ahead with trial road-pricing schemes across England - amid fears congestion could rise by 25% by 2015 in big towns and cities

posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 04:57 PM
Isn't that what TAXES are for, for public infrastructure improvements? And then they want to charge us on top of that? That's just criminal.

posted on Dec, 3 2006 @ 05:04 PM
Its bad enough we have to tax pay .43 cents per gallon of gas. We are forced to buy gas as it is, since there is no other option (.43 is way too much per gallon)! Increasing toll booths would really go overboard.

If this happened in the U.S. it would just just add insult to injury.

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