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Best Evidence Section in Aliens and UFO forum setting up panel ideas?

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posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 03:50 AM
First I would like to say thaks to masqua for putting this into the correct place (sorry for the gaff on my part). If this idea i have is going to work we need to start thinking of who should be on the panel and what would be the selection process to go through. Please read below and reply with your thoughts.

Best Evidence Section in Aliens and UFO forum?

Hi all,
I have a serious question and one I would like you all to consider. This forum is the most active I've come across on the Internet for UFO stuff and that's because of all who post and find stuff for others to see. To this end it is richest source of UFO material out there over 9K topics so far, BUT the questions still remain. We don't have a website or area that puts all thepieces together for all to see. We need to have an area where the most complelling evidence is referenced for all to see. Where videos, pictures, podcasts etc says to the whole world LOOK AT THIS!.

I suggest we create such a website area here. We have the forum put posts/threads with links to UFO stuff forward that is worthy to be included in the "BEST of the BEST" area. This stuff is vetted by the forum as a whole with us putting in our comments and giving it a grade between 1-10 for example. We will need to have a group of people who have a good standing here and trusted as being senisible to have a final say on what will be included and what does not meet the standard. If anything is challenged and then the panel will have a say if that item remains or if it is removed.

This way we have a voice. We all are making a difference, we all are getting to the truth. The longer this goes on the more evidnece we have that is in a place for everyone to see. It's no good hiding it or haording it and have to search for it all the time. That's why we have the problems we have. If it collected and vetted and the rubbish thrown away and all you see is page after page after page of the good stuff then you have a place to say to all who dis-believe go here and find the truth.

I know we will have people who think this is a bad idea, and that we will never agree on any thing. We have to have some of the anwser to the questions about UFO's by now don't we. We are in a very speacial time you can access the internet form almost any where nowdays, post movies onto the internet at anytime of day or night and instantly anyone in theworld can see it. Whistleblowing has just got easier. The evidence has got easier to obtain but we need to weed the wheat from the chaff.

What drives us to keep searching the internet day after day for new stuff, it the questions that need anwsers and if we don't get anything that attempts to answer the question then why are we doing it.

Please think about it and lets pool the evidence together.

It can work


posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 04:03 AM
I think it's FSME Gazrok's job to put together "best of the best" alien threads, but I'm sure he'd take suggestions for its content.

Also, the most interesting stories should probably be put into TinWiki, I think that's something you could definitely start doing yourself.

posted on Dec, 2 2006 @ 04:33 AM
I was thinking it would be best if it was kept on this forum and not another website. The idea of having to search over the internet makes it difficult to find and we have hundreds of websites doing this already. If its here then this will become the one stop shop so to speak. I thank you for your suggestion about setting up a WIKI i would be willnig to do this BUT it is not going to be something we has a community can say we all agree on its contents. The problem with that is obvious.

I would be interested to hear what Gazrok thinks about this and whether this idea will work. The area needs to be more than just links it has to really make everyone who visits stop and say this is the best stuff i have ever come across. We need a benchmark of material that even the harden dis-believer will say "I CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT" then and only then have we made a difference. Now imagine having hundreds of vidoes, pictures where all you can say is I CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT" don't you think it would move us forward. We are disorgainsed and without shape. having somthing that addresses that is going to make a big difference.

The truth can only come out when all you present is fact after fact after fact.
In English law the procesuction has to prove beyond all reasonable doubt where the defence only have to prove reasonable doubt. In the end its the jury that gives the verdict.



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