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Final Prayer (NEW song lyrics)

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posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 03:08 AM
I haven't written a song in awhile, but I just wrote this one. I haven't yet written a chorus, but the verses get the point across well enough for now. It's about the last time that I prayed, when I realized that I don't believe in God, and that if I do I think he's a horrible...being. Obviously these weren't my exact words, but I was attempting to verbalize the emotion I felt when I lost my faith and told "God" that I was through, while simultaneously giving it rhyme and a little bit of rhythm. As with all my songs, they just don't sound so good without the music.

this is the last time
ill ever talk to
im gonna be fine
cause im free from you
youve failed me for the last time
it wont happen again
i thought you were my friend
but where the [heck] have you been?
so im cutting you off
yeah im severing the ties
your promises mean nothing
they were nothing but lies
you say that its life
you say that its fair
but im ditching my faith
this is my final prayer

you stabbed me in the back
then you stabbed me in the heart
you kicked me in the face
and tore my world apart
you said you could save me
even said that you would
but why did you not?
have i not been good?
youre the one who needs me
not the other way around
it shouldnt be this easy
to shoot a former friend down
but i guess youre really not
and never had been really there
i guess i am alone now
this is my final prayer

your loves a lie
your friends are fake
youd let me die
for your own shameful sake
you get your rocks off
when someones in pain
you let people suffer
you drive me insane
youre oh so mysterious
thats your [freakin] excuse
but really youre just
nothing but a recluse
who hides from reality
pretends to be there
thats why, you [pansy]
this is my final prayer

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 08:21 AM
I like your lyrics an3rtist. They do capture the rancour very well. But why are you so mad at something that doesn't exist? Bit of a catch 22.

On the other hand, God is the best thing to be angry at, big shoulders.

If as according to your previous song, you're God now, are you angry with yourself?
I'm not poking fun and I don't disagree. I find all the religiosity in the world odious.

You obviously have a deep conviction for justice, wisdom, compassion and courage that you feel has been betrayed. That does sound Godish.

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 02:31 PM
Why am I so mad something that doesn't exist? Well, I'm more of an agnostic than an atheist. I guess my philosophy is that if he does exist I'm pissed off at him.

As for me being angry with myself: no. The line "I am God" (which I actually have tattooed on my back in Latin), does not infer that I think I am a supreme being of any kind. The meaning is actually twofold: 1. There's a philosophical theory that since everything is in our minds we are all, in essence, (not literally), gods. 2. Saying "I am God" was also my way of stating that I was free from his tyranny, albeit a false tyranny since he doesn't actually exist, and that I am in control now, not him.

You obviously have a deep conviction for justice, wisdom, compassion and courage that you feel has been betrayed. That does sound Godish.

Haha, interesting point. Most people would be flattered to be compared to God, but a sense something...I dunno, "mocking" in that statement.
It is kind of ironic how my philosophy is playing the role of the God of the Old Testament. As a child, my mind created God based on the teachings of my parents. When God broke a promise to me, I shunned him and banished him from my presence, like he did to Adam and Eve. It's a parallel that is just all too obvious and for some reason my mind is using this example to justufy my laims that God was created by man, (in other words he's a figment of our imaginations).

By the way thanks for reading and commenting! It is greatly appreciated!

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 10:00 PM
NO, I wasn't mocking, I was digging for the source of your angst.

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