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this beam of light in the center of my vision&and voices

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posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 10:09 PM
i have this laser like beam in the center of my vision
it blinks all the time and its about the same size of a period . well just a little bit bigger

sometimes it will shine very bright to where it has a metallic color
and i actually did something very cool with it

i was watchin x-men the first movie and remember the part with cyclops
practicing his optic beam

before i went to bed i reinacted that part in my mind while staring at this light
i fell asleep while doing this and when i awoke

i had this gentle vibration going through my whole body kinda of the opposite of sleep paralysis
i close my eyes and saw two cresent moons and without a second thought i tried to intertwine them to make a full or circle of a moon Presto

i'm actually inside a another world if you saw it your first thoughts would be this looks like the future

i was in this place for 15-10 seconds untill i shook my head over and over
the whole place looked metallic and shiny a whole lot bigger
and it was the exact replica of this world
the doors where probably the ones that slided too

pretty sweet experience but 2 years later something bad happen
i started hearing voices i still do now they're mad mean and pissed off about what i saw

i really believe in this place now because they always telling me that this place i saw i'm never gonna be able to go there again

they also say they there and well having way better time then me

the strange thing about the voices is
i saw this alicia keys video how come you dont call me

and at the end they said something that related to my near death experience
this guy saids he got hit by a big bus

and my near death experience was surrounded by greyhound bus's
its also strange how after she sings one line
she saids something else kinda like a subliminal message

its also strang cuz during this time i was like a matrix freak i kept watching it over and over and over

and then i see this video and evil voices torment me to this day so they're definently a connection

heres the video

ive been reading up on michael tsarion he saids the color blue & red
are also a sign of free masonry
if you watch enough rap videos you'll notice this alot

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 10:43 PM
I mean this with the utmost sincerity; before you look into the options where your mind is obviously leading you, see a Psychiatrist or Counselor first, there are many aspects of what you say that at least to me, are not paranormal at all.


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