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No replacement for Ralph yet

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posted on Nov, 26 2006 @ 01:52 AM
I'll be glad when this is all over, there's been way too much fuss over the PC's electing a leader. I'm not entirely surprised by the very large number of instant party members that have shown up to vote (some are saying as many as 40 000). Nor am I surprised by a number of Oberg "instant" supporters showing up at an advance poll, preventing some from casting their ballot, politics as usual in Alberta.

Oberg's strange press conferences of a couple weeks ago were a little insulting to the intelligence, I'm glad it looks like he's out of the running now, although I have to wonder now with that little AADAC mess whether he was serious.

Second ballot next week, I expect to see the gloves coming off now...

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 10:59 AM
I haven't been following the Alberta race very closely.

It seems like it doesn't matter which province it is, there's always an issue with candidates signing up new members at the last moment. Politics seems to be the same everywhere.

It's like the end of en era there. Ralph was in power for forever. These candidates must have been preparing for years for their chance to take power. Being the PC leader in Alberta is an automatic ticket to the Premier's office.

posted on Mar, 30 2007 @ 12:13 AM
I can remember when Ralph was a gritty reporter in Calgary hanging out at the speak easy and ultimate Canadian Jazz and Blues iconic bar the "King Eddy" I had my first beer there after battle school there with my parents enjoying some awesome music and wondering if the bikers were going to shive me because I looked like a new cop.

Back to Ralph,

Considering he made his way up from on the street reportor to mayor of Calgary it didn't seem hard to think that with such a conservative political strong hold in Calgary that Ralph was going to take the next step.

He had made strong economic decisions and helped create a wealth of business in the Calgary area by putting Alberta on the major RADAR screens of the U.S oil and gas companies.
Ralph was a no nonsense fighter, he was hard headed and made sure that people knew his stance.

One of the biggest elections promises that Ralph made on his way into provincal political power was during the late 90's. Ralph promised to make Alberta debt and deficit free.
Was there a great deal of back lash?
Yes there was considering that laid back Alberta citizans went out in full force to protest his cuts to provincal education on all levles.
Did Ralph wipe out the debt and deficit?
Do we still have a heritage fund set up by Peter Lougheid?

As time went on Albertians started to get the feel that we were looking more to our neighbours to the south as being alike than our countrymen to the east and west. There was the mentality of Canada VS Alberta and Ralph would win.

Post election:

Lyle O failed miserably
I remember him as the education minister. Need I say more.

Now our new Premier ....

Steady Edy Stelmach.

Time will tell if Albertians will pass the crown of the King.

I doubt it though.


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