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Anyone ever heard of the Fraternitas Immortalis?

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posted on Nov, 21 2006 @ 05:59 AM
Here's one of those "secret organizations" for you - supposedly peopled by murderers the organization is a bit of a blackmailing institution or such.

First described by a Heinrich von Stoss in the mid-1800s as being of French origins where the candidate is selected among someone known to have committed murder.

Carried off in a coffin that he won't know the location of their meeting place they give the ultimatum for him to confess his guilt and be forgiven or to perish. From there I guess it gets hazy but it has an ellaborate ranking simple in the sense that it is initiate - regular and some master level. But the regular levels (don't remember what they're called) have 15 tests to prove themselves before they can be considered a master.

It seems to exist as a parallel to the organized crime world so I guess naturally it's pretty secretive?

If anyone knows German history they'd probably recognize the German facination with death - they having the largest number of death it doesn't surprise me that a German would describe one even if it's not attributed to Germany...since this "fraternity" seems to revolve around death, their rituals involving some of the remains of some of their victims.

posted on Nov, 21 2006 @ 03:59 PM
Sounds interesting. I can't google up "Heinrich von Stoss" nor "Heinrich van Stoss" nor ""heinrich von Stoß" nor ""heinrich van Stoß" nor any permutations with 'Heinrik' replacing the first name.

Where did you get your information?

Oddly, there is a webpage,

But it comes up in a german language page that seems, I think, to be saying that the page is down. yet its the #1 google search result, so it must've been linked to heavily at one time. The google cache seems empty too. The waybackmachine indicates that the site is one of those e-z type message boards.

But its for World Of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft

Bewerbungen für Azshara hier hinein ...
Moderatoren Satina, Bangor, learza

Userinterface und Makros
Alles über UI und Makros hier hinein
Moderatoren Bangor, learza

Sounds like nothing more than a defunct gaming guild.


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