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Schoolies Australia 06' on the coast (with pics)

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posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 12:49 AM
Im not a schoolie...but i went up there cause i missed it last year when i finished school, 2 days into it, about $500 poorer and about 50x sicker i know ive had the best night of my life. If i had the money id go back up there and party on for the next 4days but anyway, here are some pics of the trip...theyre mainly just of me and mates but u get the gist of it. Oh yes i think there was 55,000people at this years one??>>
Surfers Paradise>


This is the Fly-Coaster, you cant see it that well...but it shoots you in the air via these two massive rubber bands atached to the 2person pod.

me and my friend jackie

Jupiters casino..with these two crazy looking people


Overloading the barina

Stopping the reb bull cars at a set of lights

On the way up there

morning after

I post a few more once i upload them...


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