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Kouwato said open your minds

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 06:39 PM
Most of us would like to believe that Al Qaeda exists, it salves our conscience to think we have a figurehead to direct our spleens. But who is Al Qaeda, are they Muslim radicals, do they want their flag flying over the Whitehouse? Are they a manufactured entity, brought about as a cover for those who wish to ferment war.

Dose Bin Laden exist, dose it matter if he dose or not, do we need an image or someone to focus on, is that part of the programming. Many believe that further terrorist attacks will occur not just against US/UK interests overseas but at home as well. Although the main players maybe the figment of somebodies imagination the results are quite real.

Its not difficult to carryout terrorist attacks, explosives and the materials to make bombs are readily available. The road networks are full of vehicles carrying the potential to create much death and destruction, yet there is a strange silence from the would be terrorists. We are told to be vigilant and be on our guard, but from who, who actually knows who the terrorists are I mean does anyone know them, has anyone seen them, what does a terrorist look like.

If you want to wage a war on terror how do you do it when you dont know who your enemy is, where they are or what they look like. Its like hunting for ghosts you think they exist but you dont no where. How can you fight something that may only exist in your imagination because your mind has been programmed to think that way. Terror only exists in the minds of those who wish to use it as a control method.

So once the seed has been planted in your brain, you all expect more attacks, your brains have been programmed to expect this, you will believe what you are told, you do not need any proofs, court cases or public inquires as to whom the perpatrators are because you will convince yourself that all is real and there is no need to exhaust ones self by too much thinking. Kouwato said open your mind.

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