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Iraq is a 'disaster' admits Blair

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posted on Nov, 18 2006 @ 04:41 AM

Tony Blair admitted that British intervention in Iraq has been a disaster last night - sending shockwaves through Westminster.

In his frankest admission about the war to date, Mr Blair admitted that Western forces have been powerless to stop the descent into violence.

The Prime Minister stopped short of accepting the blame for plunging Iraq to the brink of civil war - blaming instead the insurgent uprising that has killed 125 British troops.

But his admission in an interview with the Arab new channel Al Jazeera will be seen as an historic climbdown for Mr Blair, who has always fought to put a positive gloss on often disastrous events.

Challenged by veteran interviewer Sir David Frost that the Western invasion of Iraq has "so far been pretty much of a disaster", Mr Blair said: "It has."


I'm very curious what Bush's comment on mr Blair's statement will be. Support is ebbing away, even in the top of the chain. We should be very grateful with leaders of this caliber. I remember Blair saying ''Iraq could launch a biological or chemical attack "within 45 minutes.'' and now we're there triggering record high casualties with the bottom line of leaving the disaster in utter chaos and failed to eliminate the terrorist threat.

posted on Nov, 19 2006 @ 07:12 PM
While I agree, he didnt actually SAY it,

it was a quick reply to a comment the interview said

But, thumbs up to him, he's atleast willing to accept the REALITY of the situation

What I find more troubling,

Is how quick the allies are falling, especially around each other.

John Howard already came out and said it was absurd to consider it a failure.
Even Bush has said it is outrageous to call it a failure.

If this war was just,
you wouldnt have the biggest, and the smallest ALLIE, publically ridiculling their other LARGE ally, simply because he presents the TRUTH.

Keep spouting your 'i love bush' brown nosing John Howard..
your going to fall just as hard as bush.

Britan is a pivitol country to our survivial.. and your both hammering him because he says the truth.

I though we lived in a civilised world.

yeah... some civilised world huh

posted on Nov, 20 2006 @ 06:26 PM
Tony Blair
is a compulsive liar who isnt capable of telling the truth. Blair and New Labour are an absolute disgrace. I read in the paper today that the senior Army officer who will command British troops in Afghanistan next year is embroiled in a furious row with the Ministry of Defence after learning he will be denied vital armour to protect his men.

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and makes you wonder whose side Blair & New labour are really on. He's reluctant to spend money to protect our troops, yet he's just handed out £1 billion in aid to Pakisthan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Considering how corrupt the Pakistani government is, the money will probably end up in the hands of extremists who will nodoubt use it to buy weapons to use against our troops situated in Afghanistan.

Welcome to the phony manufactured war on Terrorism..........

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