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Brain music therapy

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 12:44 PM
I was watching the Today Show yesterday morning (11/16/2006) and they were featuring a guest, Dr. Galina Mindlin, discussing "brain music".

Basically, they hook you up to an EEG machine and record your brain waves. The brain wave patterns are then sent to a lab which, through utilizing a specific algorithm, converts the wave pattern into music. They did this with Matt Lauer on the show. The resulting music is very "new agey", soothing and melodic. Quite nice, actually. What I heard of it reminded me of George Winston, if you're familiar with him.

Here's a [url=]>LINK

posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 01:09 PM
This is kind of interesting but who are they recording the brain waves from?

When recording they should use someone smart, and have the subject be free from all mental disabilities. The subject should be clear thinking with an above average IQ. They also need to record each session with the subject thinking about certain topics. For instance they would record subject x's (now referred to as x) brain waves while he was figuring out Quantum computing or something. They record that, convert to Music and call it Quantum Beat lol. The subject should be in good physical condition and detoxified

I say this because I am sure the music would sound clearer and better quality of music.

Unless the test met the above protocols I don't think the music will help clear ones mind but fill it with the Uncertainty and worry of a more inferior being which would bring you down with them.

posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 01:17 PM
They record your own brain waves. That way the music is customized specifically for you and results from the output of your own brain waves. That's why it needs to be done repeatedly over time.

From the [url=]>LINK

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