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The UN is getting into spam

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posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 07:29 AM
So I get this spam post on my blog about a week ago. I know it is spam because it was in response to a blog post that had nothing to do with children or the UN. I use Akismet to filter the spam on my blog and it did flag this as a spam post. I just can't believe UNICEF would bother posting these things to my craptastic blog in the hopes of saving the children.

John Atkins | | | IP:

Whether tragic events touch your family personally or are brought into your home via newspapers and television, you can help children cope with the anxiety that violence, death, and disasters can cause.

Listening and talking to children about their concerns can reassure them that they will be safe. Start by encouraging them to discuss how they have been affected by what is happening around them. Even young children may have specific questions about tragedies. Children react to stress at their own developmental level.

The Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign offers these pointers for parents and other caregivers:

* Encourage children to ask questions. Listen to what they say. Provide comfort and assurance that address their specific fears. It’s okay to admit you can’t answer all of their questions.
* Talk on their level. Communicate with your children in a way they can understand. Don’t get too technical or complicated.
* Find out what frightens them. Encourage your children to talk about fears they may have. They may worry that someone will harm them at school or that someone will try to hurt you.
* Focus on the positive. Reinforce the fact that most people are kind and caring. Remind your child of the heroic actions taken by ordinary people to help victims of tragedy.
* Pay attention. Your children’s play and drawings may give you a glimpse into their questions or concerns. Ask them to tell you what is going on in the game or the picture. It’s an opportunity to clarify any misconceptions, answer questions, and give reassurance.
* Develop a plan. Establish a family emergency plan for the future, such as a meeting place where everyone should gather if something unexpected happens in your family or neighborhood. It can help you and your children feel safer.

If you are concerned about your child’s reaction to stress or trauma, call your physician or a community mental health center.

So is anyone else getting strange comments from UNICEF or am I just special? Anyone ever see something like this before?

I kind of think it is rediculous for an organisation that takes in so many donations to waste their money spamming blogs.


posted on Nov, 17 2006 @ 01:02 PM
Spam doesn't cost much money to make which is why we are inundated with it. All you need is a robot and one person to take care of the whole process. For the cost of a few thousand bucks a month a company could raise 10 times that amount via spamming. They do it by casting as wide a net as possible.

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