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Bobby Lee

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posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 10:17 PM
Any other members a fan of this guy?

I watch Mad TV every week, and every episode has me a bigger fan. SNL has been on the decline in the last few seasons, which has me turning to Mad. This guy is absolutely hilarious, and without him the show would be off the air without a doubt in my opinion.

The writing on Mad is better than SNL at the moment I think, but Bobby puts them over the top.

His character Tank is my favorite by far.


Tank is a small Asian character played by actor Bobby Lee. Tank drives a Daewoo and has his cousin sit in the back of his car making it bounce, play music and turn on underglow lights when he shouts commands. Bouncers don't admit him into nightclubs, so he tries to pick up girls outside the clubs and impress them with his car.

Any other fans of is comedy?

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