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My theory on the NWO.

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posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 09:42 AM
I've watched many videos about a New World Order or a one world order but I havent seen too much circumstantial evidence that there is an NWO. Denying that there is talk of one would be pure ignorance but I have made lots of research and I have a theory.

The NWO spreads propeganda... about other people and they control the media (duh) so they can easily label someone else a liar.

The conceptive device of the NWO will start out with the mainframe for it being the EU... they may have plans to nuke the EU so that everyone (including AL-queda) will continue to coherse with the NWO.

I know that the NWO was supposed to come into power in 1995, then in the year 200, but recent massive exposure of it and its policies have kept it from reaching their true goal. There are and have been lots of prophecies about a great french king that will conquer the world before the AC comes (this could happen in this day and age).

Celebrities are a part of the NWO, they control the news, they say whatever they want to and the mainstream media "follows" them. The NWO has mind control capabilities but they need to pass a law to legalize it first.

first of all, we all can be programmed, all that they need to do is to insert a chip in our programming, and we will be drones instantly. Remember: Note: the CIA has worked on mind control projects in the past, including MK ultra.

The NWO is flurishing right now under george w bush and george w bush is pratically doing everything and whatever it wants. He is merely a puppet in the NWO.

While I'm new compared to most people, I do believe there is going to be checks and balances on this nwo...

first of all... aliens could keep it or start it and make it happen. Aliens has and have been affecting our governmental policies (note area 51).

With all these secrative bases, these bases will all play a part in the NWO.

Those are my thoughts.

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 08:03 PM
I like how you talk about these secret bases and the NWO together. I had an idea that Area 51 is a place that develops the technology needed to help the NWO come into place. They would need some type of technology to make it so we can't stand up to them

posted on Nov, 13 2006 @ 06:31 PM
I like the way you brought us your thoughts they are very enlightening. I can’t help but point out the dangers Google has brought as an astonishing speed. They are clearly connected with the NWO. Who else has invested in the newest media avenues? They clearly have the ability to watch anything that goes on in the world with the satellites they possess.

Others on the board do not believe the danger and may have been compromised. They use of subliminal tactics within the ads are a true danger and this site may be increasing the NWO stronghold with the most resistant of them all without any knowledge.

be strong and resist.

posted on Nov, 14 2006 @ 05:35 PM
Thank you Pepperslappy and The_Chosen_few. I believe that these secret bases may play a pivital role in the New World order because these bases may make it impossible to revolt against them. I have more to the theory. The worldy known education system will make it impossible for one person to say that they hate the education system because it will be worldwide so that means that that they are going to educate the next generation into being more believing and more trusting in the government.

The next plan that they will try to initiate is a nuclear war and with a nuclear war they will reopen their plans for a shadow government then with this they can control the United States. The OA already has control of the United States. I think that with this control the OA plans to use pro-american propeganda in other countries to drive them to war and when all waring countries fail to lose support and they fail and fall, the NWO will prevail, and they will take over direclty after that.

Our country is merely a puppet in the New World Order. People are lead to believe what they arent really and when they arent being told the truth they go seek for it and when they cant find it they go mad and get sent to a mental hospital. The truth is that everything exists, that is a key in the universe.

The new world order is made based on the presence of et's or aliens existing, and then they bring up all these pro alien-human fougth wars movies in hollywood, i.e. men in black, and war in the worlds, they most likely plan on continuing making these films. According to the common conjecture by the american public these films are what frighten people most and that's what they want they want us to be frightened and this is why they make the Majestic 12 secret so that we dont know what it is.

Sex is commonly promoted and was massively promoted in the sixties so they already accomplished in having promoted sex and then with them doing that they will try to make that a normality of society and those that deviate from the norm will be considered insolent and stubborn.

Whenever someone gets to the truth they are called a liar and then plans to say that they are mentally unstable are put into place and this happens to a lot of people because a lot of people want to go to court and bust the New World Order so they say that those people are either schizoprenic or paranoid.

The New World Order doesnt want peace they are really controlling the government behind the scenes they already have an RFID chip and they plan to mandate these implants so that they can be put in peoples brains so that it can store their life history, and doubly, if you look at it from a different point of view, the chip can track down your criminal records if they claim you are a trouble maker.

I do not want america to become a police state because it is fine the way it is but this is how the world is going to turn out and you can prove me wrong if you like but this is what I think of it.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by The_Chosen_Few
I like the way you brought us your thoughts they are very enlightening. I can’t help but point out the dangers Google has brought as an astonishing speed. They are clearly connected with the NWO. Who else has invested in the newest media avenues? They clearly have the ability to watch anything that goes on in the world with the satellites they possess.

How is google connected with the NWO? and please provide some evidence. Um yahoo, microsoft just to name a few other big companies like google. The keyhole sats they have access to arent anything that special, and AFAIK they dont monitor them in real time. Heres a good read about keyholes and what they can do.

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 05:26 PM
I believe google has nothing to do with the New World Order and it's probably only a pawn in their vast empire of things and I am going to tell you what I am going to tell you and I am going to tell you this that there are somethings that cant be changed. The new world order is already too far ahead of us. It has placed tons of propeganda, made several amounts of movies that blind other people and stirr them with curiosity, it made movies that glorify them and their ways and they are SO smart that they have the best leaders already leading them.

We know bill clinton has his seat on the trilateral commission and then before that george h bush has a seat as well. All these defensive agencies are parts of the branch of the federal government. We no longer have an opinion, we cant say whatever we want. If we say what's on our mind the government will most likely eliminate us. This has become a common theme with the current situation of the world.

While the inner walls of your minds are going to break down and you're going to have schizoprenic relapses there has not been a better time for the New World Order to come to power. People in school are learning that a one world government is a good idea. People in school are learning that constant warfare is a terrible plan manipulated by the one and the only few.

These people in power are very evil, and they are in control. As I was saying, the time to revolt against the New World order is now. That goes for everyone. That goes for you, me, and the rest of the people in the world.

The enemy is not the united states government, the united state government is merely a pawn in the whole thing. There are other things to worry about, like such as the entire world at hand, it's in a state of annarchy. If things go like the way they did our world will be over.

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