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Cooking With Rum - Seafood & Fettuccine

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posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 05:55 AM
I guess the first thing would be to list the ingredients.

You need most of the stuff pictured here.

For the recipe you need.......

Fish of your choice
Alfredo sauce
Romano cheese
Parmesan cheese
Fettuccine pasta

The first step is to sip some rum while you fry the mushrooms in lots of butter.

Once the mushrooms are lightly brown you start adding your fish and scallops, but you want to keep your pan on high heat to evaporate most of the moisture.
While you wait have a sip of rum.

I use pre-cooked shrimp, so I always drink some rum before I add them to the pan last.

I also like to remove the tails in the kitchen because I figure my guests don't need the hassle.

Try to only heat the shimp slightly if your using ones that are already cooked.

Get a large pot of water to a rolling boil.

And remember to sip some rum while you watch the pot of water heat up.

All your seafood can go into a separate pot on med-low and you can add your Alfredo sauce, cheese, and a bit of cream.

I'm just way too lazy to make Alfredo from scratch, but if you have a recipe for it, let me know.
Go easy on the Romano and Parmesan so that you don't overpower the flavor of the seafood. Sometimes I melt Cheddar instead of Romano, but it's your call depending on what you like.

It should look something like this.

Get your pasta into the boiling pot.

And keep your seafood and Alfredo at very low heat while the fettuccine boils.

Do not over-cook your pasta.
You want it to be a little firm in the center.

Just before you drain your pasta you need to sip some rum, but after that, drain the noodles and add a big gob of butter so that nothing sticks together.

Put you pasta on a plate and top with your sauce.
For some added muscle you can add some mussels.

Place your plate in front of the computer with bottle of rum and surf ATS while you eat.

That's some good eatin'.........

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 06:49 AM
I would eat all that food in a hurry. I would however not touch the rum because I don't drink, I haven't had a drink in two months. I stopped drinking after I wandered off and got lost way too many times while drunk. The most I ever drank though was 1.75 liters of Yukon Jack whiskey, this was in a six hour period, but all that's behind me now.


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