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My Story...

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posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 01:06 AM
I made a account on ATS because I have been searching for the truth. I have no idea what way or form the truth comes in but it has been aching in my mind ever since i seen a "grey" that some of you call. So Im going to tell you what events led me to trying to understand cultures, pyrimids, ufo's, and the cheesy old meaning of life.

About two year ago I woke up and sat strait up on my bed. I new I was awake "people try to make me believe i was not". The door to my room that was about two yards from me opened slowly. And in walked slowly was a "grey". I felt paralized and want to scream, and i could not take my eyes of of the deep black glare of the greys eyes (this went on for about 10-15min). Finally i looked down at my alarm clock for a instant, and in the very moment of breaking eye contact I closed my eyes. Then I opened them and i was looking from the perspective of the corner of my room "up in the air", looking down at me and the grey looking at each other. i finally passed out.. and cant remember what happend until the end of the next day... like it was not even in my memory.
Now the image and fear is burned in my head.

I want to know if this has ever happend to anyone or if they have any input.

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 05:11 AM
Most all of these types of experiences happen in segments, with moments of unconsciousness between each segment. The alien wakens the person. acts out one segment, then switches the human off and sets up the next segment before wakening the human to that segment also. This type of lesson giving usually involves about three segments but it varies, and the humans never understand what it means because they are so amazed by the reality of it all.

In your case you first were shown that a gray is watching you intently and its eyes are the most profound thing about it and your eyes are fixed on its eyes.

Then you were shown that your connection with the gray's eyes can be viewed from a higher perspective, like from a third party view which was you also.

This is a basic lesson about life. Every person has a gray that transmits all information from the 3d life through to the soul at a higher level. The grays actually split time and make each person live many parallel lives at once and transmit all the information back to the soul of the person at a higher level. That way a soul learns from many lives at once instead of having to take birth over and over. Each time we make a choice in life the gray makes parallel lives that take the other choices. And in that way our soul learns all about every possible choice in life. This is what the grays have been teaching me lately face to face.

The fact that your memory was lost for the next day is not unusual, because when you were placed physically into a higher perspective the fine strands that connect your mind to your earth life were severed and they took a while to heal. People would have seen you doing things as usual while you would have been in a daydream type of state I believe.

So basically the gray with you was trying to tell you that his eyes and yours are connected and he sees everything you see and he transmits it all back to your soul at a higher level.

That's my take on your experience anyway. Thank you for sharing it with us all.


edit-- I just thought I'd add that you're being shown that your soul is watching you from a higher perspective and learning from your life, and that ability is made possible because of the gray that is between you both.

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posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 11:21 AM
Your experiences are very like mine in the sense that i also could not break contact with the grey's eyes. I always black out every time i stare into the grey's eyes.

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 02:17 PM
is was not long after this that i was talking to my girlfriend on the phone out sitting in my van and a triangle made of three powerful but smooth white lights appeared right over a soybean field next to my house. i droped the phone and started running into the field "my girl thought i was dying" lol. and then the light started to drift slowly into the clear sky.
one by one they shot into the stars like a bullet, and it gave me a feeling like "Im still here buddy.. dont worry"

and ever since that second time i can link thing toghter in my head things about our past. and its like i can almost see the truth, and i feel much like god is more human then allmighty. and its peices toghter day by day, book after book that i read. like i need to know before i die. like they want me to know...

i dont mean to offend any one about the god thing. it just makes more since to me. the thing is, i dont belive in anything, but i have a good idea.

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