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Interview with Karl Rove

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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 10:48 PM

The Republican Party remains at its core a small-government, low-tax, limit-spending, traditional-values, strong-defense party. I see the power of the ideas, even in a tough year." He added that he has "fundamental confidence in the power of the underlying agenda of this President," and cited fighting the war on terror, entitlement reform, energy, tax cuts, immigration reform, No Child Left Behind reauthorization, democracy agenda in the Middle East, reducing trade barriers, spending restraint and legal reform.

Rove is an enthusiastic historian, but even he has trouble coming up with a parallel for this wild week. "We may look back and see this as a unique expression," he said. Republicans can only hope.
Reader's Comments


Rove dosnt seem to grasp or chooses to ignore the fact that the Republican party seems to have drifted away from the values he outlined.

Small government ?
Didnt the Bush admin create a mess known as Homeland security ?
How is that small government ?
Limted spending ?
Any reductions in tax havnt been met by a reduction in spending.
Strong defense party ?
More like the Hailburton party.

Gee its hardly any wonder that people casted a protest vote for the Dems.

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