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WOW OMG. I have a ghost story.

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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 06:38 PM
Out of all the things I've wanted to experience, this is oddly one of them. It was about 2-3 years ago I was living in a house in Beebe Arkansas.

About two weeks after living there, my roommate asked me if I heard anyone walking around downstairs, and said while he normally doesn't believe such things, they'll have to go if they are there.

I was thinking eh, I haven't heard anything, and until a few weeks later I hadn't.

Well. I watched a few scary movies, fell sleep with only about 2 hours worth of sleep, which until recently is why I had largely discredited this episode. That night i saw something shadowy jump on top of T.V. in one corner, jump around the backside of the room, behind my bed, then a few seconds later I got a tap on the head. During this time, I couldn't move. Later I thought: easily explained as night terrors. Later that night, I heard a small noise like the sound of a bird or something 5 lbs or less hitting what I thought was the roof. this continued for a few minutes until it was a booming noise, literally tap tap Tap TAP TAP BOOM. kinda thing.

Thats my story.

Well today the new people living there were having a lawn sale-- I thought a good opportunity to ask them about it.

I said "hey man, you ever have anything wierd happen here?"

His response, was "yes, alot, we called our church over"

I was absolutely stunned, and still am. I had the conversation about maybe 45 minutes ago.

He and his wife started telling me about the things that they saw. She got pulled down some stairs. The cell phone stops working on the stairs. she's cleaned the kitchen and literally watch the shelves turn black afterward.

All I've said here is 100% truth. I don't make up #. I can't vouche for what they experienced, but I know what I saw and what they said. He also said he's talked to previous owners of the house and they have all seen and heard things.

And that is my ghost story. My email address is if anyone would like to drop me a question or two.

my only regret is while i lived there i didn't record any of it.

As of now they say they don't have any problems since having it prayed over.

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