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Close encounter.

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posted on Nov, 9 2006 @ 06:01 PM
About six hours ago I was on my way over to a friends house in Mevagissey, Cornwall UK, as I passed through Pentewan village about two miles out of Meva' I felt my line of vision being drawn to the right, toward a light in the sky, at first I thought it was a plane as it had a slight flashing motion, which I think was what caught my eye but as I stared at it I could tell that it wasn't a plane as it seemed to flicker rather than flash and it seemed too far away and static in the sky, so I decided it must be a star.

I continued watching it for the next mile or so as I drove on, it was on my right which is west and the sky was clear and dark blue as it was just about dusk, the sky to my left was darker, almost black and the moon sat large and low in the sky, I could see other stars in the sky clearly so I wondered why this particular one was taking up so much of my attention.

After a few minutes I reached my turning which was to the left, meaning that I would be driving away from the star and would not be able to see it anymore, so I stopped at the junction and looked curiously at it.

It seemed like I was watching the star for a few minutes but in reality I was actually only stopped for a few seconds.

It all felt kind of strange the last couple of miles driving whilst being drawn toward this light, and as I continued to watch it, it disappeared directly away from me to the west in what I perceived as a visual fizz.

It had a kind of slow yellow flash and moved at an inconceiveable speed, too fast for me to even comprehend, and I scoured the sky for a few minutes to make sure it had really gone, and then I carried on.

I know that when you stare at a small or distant star hard enough it will disappear and I considered this initialy, but then when you glance away it returns, and this one did not do that.

I have never experienced anything like this before, although I have always longed to and it feels kind of strange, I took a strange picture back in August which I posted here, you can find it in one of my earlier threads but even that I didnt actually see with my own eyes it was only when I was reviewing my pics that I found it.

I am thinking that this was a close/distant encounter for me, and I am sure that other people must have seen similar anomalies, and I would appreciate any ideas about what it was or similar experiences to contemplate.

Regards xS_Gx


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