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5 evil evil men

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 01:47 PM

Take a good hard long look at these five faces. They are faces of pure unaldulterated racist murdering evil.

They hunted for 'any white boy' to injure and kill. They took the kid on a terror ride, and at the end stabbed the poor boy 13 times, then, as he lay screaming for mercy they set him on fire.

Yes, this is the face of multicultral UK today.

This never hit the headlines like any other murders - why? because the victim was white and the racist scum that killed him were asians.

Read what the asian community leaders say about it - they try hard not to condemn the racist scum, and even put it down to being bad apples and not a racist attack......

Had this been a 5 on 1 white gang killing, we can be assured that every paper and every news channel would have this plastered all over the pages for months..

But as it is, justice caught these men, but just look at the paltry sentences they got for abducting, stabbing, and setting fire to a human being - a human who's only crime was to be white.

They all have dual nationality with pakistan, so i say its high time they removed thier right to be british and deport them back to pakistan.. They hate white people so badly, get out of the white majority country.

Rant finished. Thanks.

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