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2 new UK Terror related stories on same day in 1 post.

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:22 PM
A Muslim policeman is claiming religious discrimination after being removed from guarding Tony Blair because of fears he has links to extremists.

PC Amjad Farooq was dropped from an elite firearms unit after it emerged his children had attended a Mosque associated with an Islamic preacher linked to a suspected terrorist group


A British Muslim who planned massive terror attacks in Britain and the U.S. has been sentenced to life and told he must serve at least 40 years before being considered for release

It came after details of a "chilling" plan by the al Qaeda terrorist to bomb Britain were laid bare in court.

Muslim convert Dhiren Barot, 34, prepared meticulous plans for senior al Qaeda figures on a series of synchronised terrorist attacks in the UK.

The time lord's view:
If this story has been covered then my angle is why both have appeared together on the same day?
Is it just basic newspaper race for exclusive coverage of a story or just coincidence? Any ideas?

I think the Tony Blair situation is differnet one has to be very strict even Politically incorrect even if it seems like it when you are talking about a nations leader. Ok the Policeman was Muslim but you can not make judgements about 'well Ok lets be nice here' if in doubt chicken out. Its far worse if something happen to Blair even if people may wish it did as the current climate of things are towards him.

What do people think? Better safe than sorry? Both these stories are of this nature, its about PREVENTION and these days no one wants to be blamed for another terror plot even if it means targeting a certain religious faith to narrow the consequences.

Please can someone comment. Even if you say, its been on ATS you are a bit late.

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