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Spirit guide

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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 11:55 AM
I have a question about spirt guides or whatever you like to call them I know some people refer to them as different names etc.

Now I was reading a book of my dads once about contacting your spirit guide and it interested me. He said he had tried it and it had worked.

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to communicate? this book i seem to remember said about relaxing deeply and imagining yourself sitting in a garden where your guide will then enter and you sould be able to communicate.

I tried this a couple of times and didn't really get anything apart from once when i was trying it I felt like I was beginning to float slightly which kinda took me by surprise and I got startled by it and lost concentration. Was I perhaps going into a oobe instead? also when doing it this time I just felt like there was a lady around can't really explain it.

I would like to contact my guide to see if its true i'm a semi believer just sometimes the things going on in my life right now i'm not sure i can be having someone looking over me.

I look forward to any help you may be able to offer

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:21 PM
I know the thought of finding a guide to offer up advice is very exciting, and you want to rush right into it. But that's not really the best way to go about it. If I may:

I've been practicing meditation for quite a bit, and I find that one of the biggest hurdles faced by those who start meditation is visualization. The ability to calm your mind enough to create whatever imagery you are seeking, and then being able to sustain that image, is alll based(imho) in visualization. One needs to focus on starting simple and working upwards to more grand aspects of meditation.

A nice start would consist of the following:

Start off small, get a flower, or piece of fruit that you have available to you and look at it closely. Study it carefully, its texture, its shape, its color. Do this for 5-10 minutes earnestly.

Now, close your eyes and try to create that item in your mind. The goal here is 2 fold:
1. Replicate the object as realistically as possible
2. Keep your mind quiet and focused on that object.

For a beginner it is hard, and you will struggle to keep your mind there with you. It will constantly want to run off and do it's own thing, run various programs, if you will. Don't let this dishearten you, it's natural and you can overcome it. Just become aware that your mind has wandered, and go back to your task of creating the image.

Once you can do that and sustain it for a good period of time, you are then ready to move on to deeper meditation. You can find a picture or memory of a place that you like, and begin trying to visualize and sustain that image.

When you can do that, you can begin to focus on bringing that image to life in your meditation. Let the trees sway in the wind, let the clouds move. You understand?

That is a great goal. Once you can do the above for 20-30mins(not everytime but most) you can begin to tinker with "guides" and the like.

How long will the above take? That's different for every person, if you really try and put forth the effort, you will get it. Remember that your mind has grown years and years without you actively trying to quiet it or control it. It has many "programs" that it will wish to run, and when you try to stop that, and focus your mind, it will resist at first.

I hope this helps you. There is no quick method to get where you want to go, but if there was, would it be of the same value when you got there? I am of the mind that it would not


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posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 09:00 PM
Thanks for the info I have realised my mind is quite good at wondering and not staying focused at all the strangest things pop into my head when i'm trying to imagine something its really damn annoying.

Has anyone had any success with contacting their guide? what was it like?

posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 09:02 AM

No I don't really go in for the spirit guide thing personally. But deep personal reflection can itself be rather guiding. In fact I've often though that "spirit guides" are merely a construct of one's deepest thoughts, and that you are using this constructed avatar to interface with them.

Maybe it is a external spirit that guides you and helps you. But I've never seen it.

Don't discount the greatness of meditation though, with or without those spirit guides


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