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Elon's Plans To Expand ''Lebensraum'' By Transferring Palestinians Abroad With US Tax Money

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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 02:24 PM
Perhaps not a plan shared by the entire Knesset, but Elon sees it as possibility of solving the Israel-Palestine conflict. According to Elon transferring Palestinian refugees living on Palestinian soil should be transferred abroad on a voluntary basis.

While his idea is pretty harmless - after all they are not forced to leave - it sounds disturbing that he would like to use US tax money to transfer Palestinians, and thus facilitate the strategy of expanding Israel's territory.

There is a huge gap between MK Benny Elon's pleasant personality and his extremist political views. Elon, the son of former of Supreme Court vice president Menahem Elon, is not belligerent, nor does he coarsely attack his political rivals. He speaks softly, even when he is spelling out his somewhat delusionary plan for the voluntary transfer of the Palestinians in the territories.

"The demographic problem will not solve itself. It's not too late to study the Gandhi legacy." Do you still believe in the idea of transfer?

"Yes. Gandhi never spoke of transfer by coercion, only voluntary transfer. We can eliminate the Palestinian refugee camps in the territories by giving $100,000 to each family that agrees to emigrate to another country. If 1 million Palestinian families accept the proposal, which costs about $100 billion, we will solve the demographic problem."

Where will you find $100 billion?

"Every year Israel receives foreign aid from the United States totaling $3 billion.
If we take the aid money and put it aside for 20 years, we will have $60 billion. If we add to that money from American and European foundations, which streams in to us, we can reach $100 billion."

Do you really believe that for $100,000 you will succeed in convincing Palestinian families to leave their homes?

"Definitely. I've checked it out. There are many countries, such as Bulgaria and Bosnia, that are willing to take them in. When a family with $100,000 arrives there, it is wanted, and will be really wealthy. Today in Gaza, families are living in hell. They have to be encouraged to leave."


Rabbi Binyamin "Benny" Elon (1954-) is an Israeli politician, a Member of the Knesset and chairman of the Israeli nationalist right-wing party the National Union. Elon is a ninth-generation Jerusalemite and has been residing for the last 20 years in Beit El, a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. His father was the former Deputy Chief Justice of Israel and his brother, Rabbi Mordechai Elon, is a prominent figure in the Religious Zionist Movement.


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