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Sinn Fein says yes!

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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 10:48 AM
The first part of the news we have been awaiting following the St. Andrews proposed agreement is now in; Sinn Fein have consulted their members across Ireland and they have said yes!


The Sinn Fein leadership has finished meeting in Dublin to discuss the St Andrews Agreement.
The party's ard chomhairle (executive) has decided to "follow the course set out in the agreement".

- RoI Prime Minister Beartie said that he understands that the DUP (who's stance has yet to be made public) were heavily in favour too.

said there was overwhelming support within the DUP for the implementation of the St Andrews Agreement.

"I understand the DUP consultation process is 90 plus for (the St Andrews Agreement)," he said.

Northern Ireland's parties have been set a deadlin of 10 November to give their verdicts on the draft St Andrews Agreement.

The British and Irish governments have set a date of 26 March 2007 for a new executive to be up and running.

Gordon Brown, the British chancellor, has promised £50bn to Northern Ireland over the next 10 years if power is devolved at Stormont, whilst the Dublin RoI Gov has pledged €1 billion.

- Hopefully the days of normal politcs draw ever closer for NI.

With any luck we will soon be able to vote on the basis of a person's actual ability and competence for Government and their performance and choices in the running of an efficient administration as opposed to the present appalling perversion of democracy where shouting the appropriate tribal slogans and wrapping ones' self tightly enough in orange or green is just about all that's required.

It's all progress and it's all IMO good.

Hopefully the more pragmatic and realistic elements with the DUP continue to have the momentum there and we'll be hearing good news from them soon too.

It's been far far too long in coming and it's far to close to lose now, here's hoping.

posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 12:30 PM
Brilliant news!

bloody brilliant

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