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I find people who constantly try to correct the professor annoying

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posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 11:05 PM
they slow the lecture down with their questions. irritates the hell out of me.

posted on Nov, 7 2006 @ 12:43 AM
hahah, that reminds me of the guy in our lecture hall we called "Mac Boy"

He was a little on the mentally handicapped side.
He brought in a very new, very expensive Macintosh Notebook with him to lecture every day...
now the first thing to note is, engineers dont use Mac... we have no use for it.

He would sit at the front of the lecture hall, turn on his mac, close it, and then proceed to chew on it... I kid you not... CHEW on it.

He would then wait until the professor said something he hadn't heard before, and then yell it out as loud as he possibly can.

For example:
"We have here an example of a DC inverter gate"
*chew, chew, chew* "INVERTER!!!!!!!!!"

Now, the sad part about all this is how the education system is so scared of preventing mentally handicapped people from going forth in their education, that they actually allow them to get to the point where it is intruding on other peoples education, people who are paying for that education.
There is no way in hell that Mac Boy would ever get through our engineering course... he couldn't do much besides rock back and forth and yell random words out.

The question is, at what point do you pull him aside and say, sorry, but you simply can't graduate?


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