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"It's Hell Time Man" lyrics by Bob Dylan

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posted on Nov, 5 2006 @ 03:28 AM
what do you think about this piece of lyric:

goes like this:

It's Hell Time Man / It's Hell Time Man / It's Hell Time Man / It's Hell Time Man

Down these streets the fools rule / There's no freedom or self respect, / A knife's point or a trip to the joint / Is about all you can expect.
They kill people here who stand up for their rights, / The system's just too damned corrupt / It's always the same, the name of the game / Is who do you know higher up.

The blacks and the whites, The idiotic, the exotic, / Wealth is a filthy rag / So erotic so unpatriotic / So wrapped up in the American flag.
Witchcraft scum exploiting the dumb, / Turning children into punks and slaves / Whose heroes and healers are rich drug dealers / Who should be put in their graves.

Listen to me Mr. Pussyman / This might be your last night in a bed so soft / We're not pimps on the make, politicians on the take, / You can't pay us off.
We're gonna blow up your home of Voodoo / And watch it burn without any regret / We got the power we're the new government, / You just don't know it yet.

For all of my brothers from Vietnam / And my uncles from World War II, / I'd like to say that it's countdown time now / And we're gonna do what the law should do.
And for you pretty baby, I know you've seen it all. / I know your story is too painful to share. / One day though you'll be talking in your sleep / And when you do, I wanna be there.

[formated by khunmoon]

pretty hot stuff... eh!?
everlasting, evertrue lyrics.

it is by Bob Dylan 1986, soundtrack from a movie called Band of the Hand

only released as a maxisingle on vinyl, it is pretty hard to come by today.

taken out of its original context, 20 years later it fits today perfect.

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