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Drunk Mice?

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posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 05:51 AM
My title may be misleading. The mice are not actually given red wine to drink, but in makes for funny mental

As I have always been told, Red Wine is good for you.

Whether a myth or actual fact, I was always told by someone or other, that red wine helps with the digestive system and its consumption is encouraged after meals.

What I didn't know, according to this article, is that it may also slow down the aging process in respect to disease/illness associated with getting old.

The study by Harvard University aging researcher David Sinclair and colleagues is the latest outgrowth of work that goes back about 10 years. Sinclair says researchers are looking into ways to control the aging process

Using the ever useful test subjects, mice, they have been able to advance their studies on the aging process.

"Now, we are trying to manipulate that anti-aging pathway in mice," said Mr. Sinclair. "And we are having a look at whether we can have health benefits and lifespan extension in mice. And so far, the results are really promising."

Drink up

The testing originated to help combat health issues with obese people of the world, the assistance of aging health issues is not the actual intent, but a nice side line to the project.
Not being a huge red wine drinker, this may influence some of my future after-dinner cocktails.

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