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The Perfect Way To Stop Terrorists From Highjacking A Plane!!!!!!!

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posted on Oct, 31 2006 @ 01:52 PM
So, I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'............
So I says to myself, Self, what would be the perfect way to stop terrorists from Highjacking a plane...........
Hmmmmm.......... The perfect way to stop terrorists from highjacking a plane........
C'mon brain, do your thing, this is really important.

Make everybody strip down before they boarded a plane, that way you can make sure they don't have any secret weapons? Nah, I'd probably get seated on a plane with the 500 pound guy with alot of extra body hair, and a sweatin' problem sittin' next to me. When he started eatin' the crumbs from his airline dinner that he's pickin' out of his chest hair, I'd probably wish that plane would blow up and stuff. Nope, not perfect.

How about everybody get's a really cool police riot baton when they board the plane! That way if those terrorists decide to try somethin', they'd see 200 people with those really cool police riot batons comin' after them. I bet those terrorists would be so surprised! But then after the flight I'd have to give that really cool police riot baton back, and I'd want to keep that really cool police riot baton. Nope, not perfect..............

Hmmmmm.........I need to do some really good thinkin' here...............

Wait! I got it!

The perfect way to stop terrorists from highjacking planes is to make every single passenger dress up in a gorilla suit before boardin' that plane!

Oh man, this is such good thinkin'!

Yep, if everybody had to dress up in a gorilla suit, then the terrorists wouldn't know who the other terrorists were! They would be so confused!
And those gorilla suits have to have those really big gorilla hands. No one would be able to use one of those little box cutters with those really big gorilla hands on!
And the gorilla masks need to be really scary and stuff, that way if a terrorist did try something, all those people wearing those scary gorilla masks would make that terrorist so scared I bet.

Sometimes I amaze even myself with such good thinkin'.................


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