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Britons to be micro chipped like dogs by 2016.

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posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 04:09 PM
The thought of being caught on camera several times a day does not really worry me, how interesting can I look driving the car, dashing through town or going to work?
The cameras are there for people who really don't want to be on tv. Fine by me.

I read the other day that they are hoping to introduce mandatory ID cards for 2010, (I can't remember which newspaper but probably the Guardian).
So implants seem like a mighty big jump.

I see both good and bad with chips.

First I would never have to worry about my child dissappearing (well, depending on the speed protocols of locating missing people), abductions would be a thing of the past and likewise for missing persons.
There would have to be a huge amount of legislation passed detailing how the system worked. What criteria would be needed to access the whereabouts of a missing person? What if the missing person wanted to be lost for personal but not illegal reasons? Who would decide when tracing facilities should be used? Nearest relative, police or a specific board?
The most obvious would be age related, children would be located immediately but as for adults....complicated.
We have been unable to organise basic policy strategies to a workable level.
CSA is an example. (Child Support Agency).

I would probably find a chip with all my details quite useful, no worrying about losing my money/cards.

My only unease is the religious connotation. All the hype, the forewarnings of things to come (the chip, the mark, etc) has left it's mark (haha) and my only reason for being against any kind of implant is completely irrational with no foundation of fact to base it on.
So there we are, I think it has a lot of potential for good but the moment I am told I MUST have one I will be having none of it.

Also I don't believe it will be introduced for a very long time (due to the complexities and costs) but thats just my opinion.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 04:33 PM
It is just creepy when an individual human being is reduced to a string of data. It becomes a situation of the point of power being in the moment to a deducing of past, present, and potential. A person isn't who and what they are in the moment, they are a calculated computer compiled "profile" To me each breath we take each moment is a fresh experience, when that is traded in for an electronic fingerprint identity nothing will be as it was, ever again.

It was groundbreaking when Bob Segar sang that "I feel like a number" back in the day, now you are a file in a giant data bank and ask yourself, where will it stop? The implications are horrendeous........................

Soon we won't even need bodies anymore..................

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