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Scientist says no to the paranormal!!!

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posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:45 AM
I find thi story strange. Who cares if you think they are real or not. He's trying to put some scientific spin on the fact that ghost (more importantly vampires are fools candy). I especially like it when he said, I hate movies that mix reality with fiction. Hell (pun intented) if you ask me, Fiction mixed with Reality is the most interesting. Da vinci code anyone?

This guy is a "???" and I'm sure people here would enjoy this guy's perspective.


posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:48 AM
Contrary to what might be anticipated from the title we are not primarily concerned with giving a critique of educational curricula, but what is of greater need is to review the method of perception of information, and modes of acquisition and assimilation of the data of the subjects. Thus in the new education we are not so much concerned with reformulating courses of study as we are with a re-examination of the psychology of learning, and exposing, in the case of our civilisation, a massive deviation in the role of consciousness, but which will then in fact indicate the necessary reconstitution of educational materials.

We are not discrediting the basic subjects, such as mathematics, physics, English, etc., but wish to draw attention to the excessive emphasis on left-brain ability and its subsequent development. In addressing the terms left brain and right brain we are referring to the respective formatting of consciousness through these informational modalities. To put it bluntly, our civilisation has been set up to operate almost entirely on left-brain ability. What does this mean?

Left-brain ability enables consciousness to fragment and perceive a greater degree of separation to manipulate parts, rather than the whole---this also manifests the third dimension. This enables concepts and experience of reality to be broken down into common logical elements creating knowledge structures consisting of representational data, giving rise to a particular mode of understanding. This knowledge and understanding can then therefore be communicated and potentially understood by the members of the society. We call it objective knowledge. This is the logical approach and in our brain-washed society it is regarded as the highest tool for the evaluation of truth.

What we are not educated to understand is that our logic is only third-dimensional. It only deals with the 'surface'of the universe, the third dimension of a multidimensional universe. This 3D or 'surface' is composed of random particles and is the end of a series of processes transmuting energy from a state of phase-correlation (the higher dimensions) to phase-randomisation (quantum physics terms): the material 3D reality. This consciousness creates, through left-brain thinking, a Newtonian-type reality of empty space containing particles (which are out of phase frequency-wise with one another) in various aggregates.

A society reared entirely on left-brain ability lays the foundation for habitual separation and objectivity, ego-development, a science without humanity, 3D logic, a dismembering of holistic concepts and life itself, all leading to disharmony, conflict, pollution, disease and wars. In contrast, consciousness through the right brain is compatible with quantum theory. It recognises the all pervading wave motion, the interconnectedness of all energy and the fundamental element to all phenomena: energy expressed as frequency. With this model taught in schools instead of the Newtonian reality one would predict the irregular experiences that we term paranormal, instead of discrediting them.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:50 AM
The greatest irony is that the right brain, with its imagination and originality from which all inspiration springs, is suppressed by the left-brain thinkers. That is, the source of all discovery, the right-brain consciousness provides intellectual fodder that is developed into systematic knowledge by the left brain, of which the latter then suppresses the intuition and inner-consciousness of the right brain that gave rise to the discoveries in the first place.

Another example of the difference between the left-brain and right-brain awareness is that the left brain always requires a context when encountering or evaluating data. If, say, a new idea, presented to the scientific community, doesn't have existing common contexts, it is experienced as floating data and will be discarded---ideas which may have led to unprecedented breakthroughs. In fact, the over-structuralised and formatted left brain will attempt to fit the new idea to these structures. When it doesn't obtain a match there is actual discomfort and generally a threat to the (left-brain) personality. The next impulse is to attack the source (person). This is the kind of mind education is creating. Now, in contrast, the right-brain consciousness can handle floating data. Its inherent knowingness or intuition does not need a context. The intuitive mind will not pull in the idea, looking for a match, but will project into the idea and duplicate it in isolation. This is the holistic reality of quantum physics in which separated and distant resonant (in-phase frequencies) wave packets instantaneously transmit and share information---what the layman knows as 'being on the same wavelength as . . . .' (Note that the words 'fit' and 'match' are relevant since the universal computer system works on geometric intelligence.)

The whole of our educational system is formulated to create maximum left-brain development and to down-grade all right-brain activity. Over-intellectualisation of art or music will impair the right brain's aesthetic appreciation. Religions take on a form in which the God concept is external. Objectivity of one's God will ensure absence of contact and enlightenment.

What is the real essence of the difference between these two brain modes and their respective consciousness? The left-brain consciousness operates on representation; it is not direct as is the right-brain perception. The left brain serves to make copies of incoming energies, stores the information away in a filing system, assigns symbols to data and manipulates them, and develops models in the mind, such as of an atom or one's own spouse. It operates essentially on second-hand phenomena. Its formatted consciousness only perceives surfaces and a short range of the environment, and even then when apparently looking, it is mainly thinking---the typical art viewer is thinking to about 90 percent and looking to about 10 percent; a contrary factor to art appreciation, which is a right-brain ability.

The left-brain consciousness automatically breaks down all holistic entities (quantum reduces them) into elements which can be systematised into a knowledge structure that is amenable to 3D logic. This causes consciousness to create a linear closed 3D reality. Knowledge elements are shuffled on a linear ('horizontal') spacetime framework. This linearity should contain gaps so that the 'vertical' creative/intuitive, right-brain consciousness can enter from the nonlinear, inner-regions of multidimensionality.

The right brain working with an open heart chakra can read vibrations consciously---as animals do in their limited way, which nevertheless astounds and baffles us. Thus this is direct perception---memory is not required, and amnesia would be no problem. Information exists everywhere---the universe is holographic. It is a frequency-coded universe. Everything imaginable is represented by frequency patterns. This is information: energy geometry plus frequency---the key to nature's computer system.

One becomes alerted to the fact that left-brain development without the right brain is guaranteed to limit a civilisation's evolution, confining its mind (and consequently environment) to 3D linear structures and thinking. Man has set himself up---aided by the negative influences---with immense limitations in attempting to interpret reality by objective means; by externalising all facets of his experience. People are taught the universe is objective; is out there, separate from man's observation, in spite of quantum theory statements to the contrary. Even in religion, Christianity in particular, once it was recognised that a man Jesus could channel the Christ consciousness onto planet Earth, the negative forces/aliens through Christian teachings brainwashed the religious population with the notion that God is external. This is all that is required to arrest any real spiritual progress---this form of God doesn't exist. The correct teaching is that God exists within self---each person is a God self----a holographic fragment of the source that reflects the whole but is acting as a limited portion and that each portion is unique, playing a specific role, just as does any piece of a jig-saw puzzle.

Thus in the controlled education, God and the universe have been externalised. This applies also to healing and medicine within the orthodox establishment. The medical profession controls the individual's physical body. Consciousness has been programmed to be diverted away from natural healing paths, and considers the cause of illness to be external (even a virus is external, and may not be the original cause) and furthermore that the solution is external in the form of medical technology. Right-brain development would enable one to know what the body requires for healing and would only use healing technologies as an aid to utilising its own natural processes for balancing and harmonising, to restore holographic communication between all parts and the whole.

The new education will teach children reverence for all life; an easy task for the child, who in addition will be encouraged to retain its perception beyond the third dimension, psychic abilities, past-life recall and freshness of vision. There will be an end to the suppressive formatting of the child's mind, forcing it to conform to the typical ego-oriented adult's, stifling intuitive understanding by closing off inner-space perception. This is the ability to read vibrations by matching them by means of frequencies of consciousness, giving instantaneous transmission of information. This ability is clearly not limited to surfaces, or distances that are restricted by physical senses.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:37 AM
Well, I agree with this scientists disgust with mixing reality with fiction, I almost got the feeling that he is not discarding phenomena altogether, in a sense he is complaining about how all the fiction is cementing itself into peoples minds and becoming muddled with rational thought about paranormal happenings.
Almost how Michelangelo's painting of his interpretation of god on the cistene chapel has caused hundreds of thousands of people to think god wears sandals and robes and sits on clouds pointing out tasks to cherubs and such.

Or is this scientist thinking on the lines of a double balogna sandwich, hold the bread?

Personally I don't watch horror movies probably for the same reason this guy probably doesn't, I'd rather watch a comedy.

People have a hollywood enhanced view of what they believe paranormal is.
And that just ain't right at all!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 07:52 AM
*Sigh* These people have to learn the definition of SUPERnatural, or PARAnormal. It means things that stretch beyond the usual, things that don't obey the laws of physics. I'm not arrogant enough to say that there aren't things that can do this, but it would appear that some scientists are.

Of course a ghost can walk around on the ground, and then pass through a wall. They don't obey the laws of physics.

I think its about time we get some new scientists.

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