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odd manifestations

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posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 05:38 AM
This is my first post here, introduced by another member.
That member and I were having an IM chat, and I think that our
combined energy made for some interesting stuff.
My computer screen went kind of crazy, with IM boxes seemingly
appearing out of thin air, and the text would jump from one box to the
next as I was typing.
But the most significant thing that happened was that an icon came up,
not on my screen but the person I was chatting with, that showed that
I had three crosses as an icon, one brightly lit large cross with two smaller
darker crosses on either side. I didn't choose this icon, it just came up
on her screen, I still can't see it on mine.
She printed her screen to show me what she was seeing and sent it
to me.
Does anyone else here have these kind of things happening?

posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 05:27 AM

As Mario said I was talking to him on the IM and his IM started flashing and then all of a sudden an Icon materialized on his IM that AOL doesnt seem to offer (I did a thorough search and its not there). First, I looked under Religious Symbols and then I did a search for all crosses and crucifixes. I also didn't see a place where outside Icons could be imported in the preferences. The three crucifixes in the Icon above remind me of Cavalry hill where Jesus died with the 2 thieves beside him.

I will have to write to AOL and see if they can give me an explanation of how he is showing an Icon that they dont offer as one of their own. And why can't he see it on his side? And even if they do have that Icon somewhere, how did it appear without him choosing it, because you wouldnt think they would just give someone a religious icon, unless they choose it.

Then a couple days after that Mario's AOL Bio suddenly appeared on my screen and my IM starting flashing. I couldnt type in the IM box, and then on the task bar the bios kept reproducing and collapsing down on the bar until there were 7 or 8 of them and I couldnt close them out. When I finally could close them and get back on the IM, I asked him why he sent me his bio and how he sent it directly to my screen and he said he didnt.

Also, about a week ago Mario and I were looking into Reality Shifting at Reality at Cynthia Sue Larson's website (*see below), and reading some information there about how she has witnessed all sorts of reality shifts involving unexplained materializations; including a sun dial materializing on a beach (I think it was). But she didnt say how to reality shift in the little that I have read by her so far. And I asked Mario and he said he didn't read about how to materialize things yet either.

I will try and get ahold of a tech at AOL tommorow to see if they can explain. If no explaination is found then maybe just wishing and having the desire for something to materialize is enough to make things happen. Perhaps Mario and I have combined kinetic energy that is making things happen, but my first honest thought was God was trying to get our attention. Because Mario was asking me what I was doing to make his screen flash, and I wasnt trying to do anything. Also, we were discussing something that supposedly can cause a time rift that we read about but that went against our principals at the exact time the crosses materialized, but I am not saying anymore than that.

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posted on Oct, 27 2006 @ 08:15 PM
I tried talking to one of the techs at AOL help today, about the mysterious Buddy Icon, and she didn't know what I was talking about. So maybe next week I will try again with someone else.

I realize even if no one knows anything about it, it could have been a technical glitch of some kind at a higher level, it's just the timing was wierd because it tied in with what we were talking about.

If anyone has even seen that exact Icon anywhere please let us know. Thanks!


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