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The British AirLine Scene...Could It Have Been Made Up

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posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 01:53 AM
Now, I was in England this summer, around Augst. You know...When that "elaborate" scheme of terror was launched on the British airlines. I was thinking though now, could it be that maybe it was a plot brought up by the republican admistration in the U.S and England. To almost keep us on are toe's about terror. You know?

Like to keep the right wing, govt. In power.

Because it always seemed (not lately) but whenever alot of people began to question and bring up fault's about the Bush Adminstration. BAM!

You always get a blast from new's report's about terror and stuff. And let's face it, the Govt. though we don't like tho think it, does have a strong control over the new's. It just seem's that with the history of the Bush adminstration, theres been lot's of cheating lying and all kinds of goin on's.

So, I just brought this up for 2 reason's, i wanted to see what some other people though about this and if anyone had any imformation on the airline plot in August?

And to answer your question: No im not a crazy left wing nut who say's "ITS ALL A CONSPIRCY BY THE G.O.P!"

Im actlually a tad to the right on the political scale.

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