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Million volt stun gun?

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 05:37 PM
Sorry this is the weaponry section, i was'nt sure where else to put it.

Sky News has an article reporting that a teacher here in the UK was zapped by a lad with a stun gun that gives a 950,000 volt shock.

Teacher zapped with 950,000 volts

Is this figure real or is that a mistake? Thats just under a million volts for God sake! I know it's only a short zap but it still seems a lot.


posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 06:39 PM
its not the voltage of it that matters but the amprege .
a million volts dc at .1 amp will just give oone heck of a zap with no harm .
on the other hand 220 volts with lets say 50 amps can kill u dead.
the power supplyed to a kitchen oven.

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 07:50 PM
Yeah The Stunguns and tazers actually put out about 29watts. Less than a light bulb. Sounds crazy but it's true.

People see volts and they think thats how much energy it posses but volts is only part of the equation. Energy is the Wattage =Volts X Amperage divided by the Impeadance(ohms)

The actual electron count is the amperage. The "pressure" to propel the amperage through a medium is the Voltage, the medium gives a certain amount of resistance called the Ohms.

Stun guns get like .03 amps from a few 9volt batteries, them steps up the Voltage with a step up transformer (similar to the one's found in disposable camera flash bulb circuitry) and the voltage must be very high to ensure that every inch of the body is conducting roughly 29 watts. 24-26 needed to over run muscular control and make muscles twitch involentarily.

The total power out put is pretty low, although having been zapped with one once I can tell you it stings like a bee sting were it makes contact and the rest of the body feels the pins and needles
that are pretty unberrable when your legs fall asleep. You know the part about 30 seconds in to getting feeling back where ya can't stand or walk without bracing yourself and are breathing slowly and deeply cause it's so wierd and uncomfortable.

Conversly a car battery needs to start a car and posses alot more wattage output. A stun gun will not be able to start a car. Lots of amps but really low voltage 12, so the large current can't penetrate past the fingers and get to your heart where it could get dangerous. But still you are experiencing way more juice if you've ever gotten shocked with a car battery on accident.

Low amps around .5 of one amp is enough to confuse the electrical signals in the heart enough to stop it dead. Sometimes stun guns and tasers kill (about 200 times a year in the USA,probably even higher now-look it up it's true) because the heart is initially shocked while in between electrical impulses to the heart muscles and it stays confused and doesn't pump again. Some people die from the terror of the experiance too.

Nicoli Tesla used to demonstrate that it's not the voltage but the amps when promoting AC current which he invented. He would pump millions of volts through his body and giant lightning bolts would arc of his body everywhere even his eye lids. Luckly the amperage was low and it had very little power,so it didn't hurt or burn him.

Personaly I hate stun guns and tazers. I think they are abused more than they are used properly, mostly by the cops. But drunken morons at parties mess with them alot too. They aren't nonlethal they are concidered less lethal. They are still lethal. Amnesty International wants to ban them also because an alarming amount of people across the globe are getting tortured by people using them. The manufacturers know this and don't care they want a quick buck, and will probably produce some heart felt letter from a cop somewhere who talks about all the lives they've saved, and maybe an indorsment from one out of one hundred doctors.

Cops in Mericopa County arizona killed a guy who was staying over night as an inmate. Video tape from the jail shows the guy to b e cooperative the whole time or enough not to warrent an ass kicking by the cops. THe cops wanted to vent so they took the guy to a side room. Tied him in a stait jacket like chair device, shoved a wet rag in his mouth, surrounded him with about 4 cops each with stunguns and shocked him for 10 minuts. He died. The coroner said tha the died fromthe electricity, and noted that there were 200 individual burn incedencs on his body. The cops are still working at the jail cause the local authoritys covered it up, but the case still made it's way onto the discovery channel.


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