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will Iran sell N korea oil for nuke secrets?

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 07:41 AM
China is now starting to squeese N. Korea, a chinese diplomat reportedly met Krazy Kim and apparently said if any more test are carried out they will cut off supplies. foods already been cut and oil and gas maybe next.

Their boarder guards are training for infux of refugees and a new barbed fence has been erected.

So if this continues and N. Korea finds it self cold and hungry this winter how willing would they be in selling their nuke secrets, and how likley is iran willing to pay for them.

I cant see N korea using a nuke unless attact 1st but Iran I can.

If they did buy a nuke or the details on how to make them they could stall the current Iran enrichment problem and pretent to play ball for a while actualy speed on with the development.

how likley is this??


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