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John Lear Forum (and consolidation)

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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 02:56 AM
Maybe John Lear needs his on Forum on ATS.

This probably doesnt need 1000 votes to pass, just observe the number of threads, as well as the number of pages per thread, etc.

It would help consolidating all of this material.
I know that Questions for John Lear was an attempt to do so, and it served its purpose...for the time, but as we can all see, it out grew itself.

Due to the amount of interest there are now threads based around certain topics, such as "the soul collector." Yes, this does deserve to be broken out from "Questions for John Lear", for as you will see by the numbers, if it stayed under it, navigating the thread "Questions for John Lear" would become a nightmare, and the thread would shut down through pure frustation of trying to find out what was going on where.

I will list a couple:

19 pages, and growing, on "the sould collector"

34 pages, and growing, on "Questions for John Lear"

20 pages, and growing, on "wtc holograms john lear contradiction lie...etc."

10 pages, and growing, on "lunar mining, etc." (started by our own skeptic overlord)

6 pages, and growing, on "Why the Criticism"

37 pages, and growing, on "moon pictures" (started by 1 of the 3 amigos, springer)

I quickly counted 29 topics...
Here are the rest:

So what about a dedicated forum for John Lear, make navigation easier, and increase traffic?

(He's the David Icke that never showed up.



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posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 09:48 AM
It's a good idea, love him or hate him, he's got some interesting things to say. The only problem I can see with this idea, is the fact that not one of the threads you've linked were actually started by Mr Lear. "Why there were no planes at the WTC" Has nothing to do with Mr Lear specifically, he's just decided to contribute to the thread, in the way any other member could. How would you propose it is decided which thread belong in a John Lear forum? Would they be moved after he has made a certain number of posts in any given thread?

I believe, if you are interested in what Mr Lear has to say, you should tag threads where he has considerable input with his name, and then all the information he has decided to share can be quickly and easily found via the tagging system, negating the need for the creation of a new forum.

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 09:57 AM

Valid points.

I suppose the way I was thinking was to roll all of them in there that he actively particpates in that deal with questions directed to him...which role on for pages like the soul catcher.
It came to me this might be cool, as he is one active participant...and those threads just keep going.

Yes tagging is a good way to. I didnt know about tagging until I found the list that I posted with all of his post on it.
Which brings up another point that might make this beneficial. For ease of use, and "marketing", take your strongest material, threads like John Lears that keep growing, and put it where the general public can easily see it in a new forum...this would draw even more activity to that area.

Either way, there is no really right or wrong it could stay how it is now.

Thanks for the contribution to the post.



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