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Video Games: For Health And Education

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posted on Oct, 19 2006 @ 07:19 PM
A paradigm shift is happening in the perception of video games. I think "the powers that be see the value"... and it will have health and education ramifications. Beyond the media aspects I find the science and technology aspects of this sort of shift as rather exciting... with a great many reservations.

With recent posts about government internet "involvement"/Seven Laws of ID/Blogs as propaganda etc., it would seem that a battle for the control/regulation/management/exploitation of media of all types is well under way with advocates and detractors on all sides... each and all sides have vested interests I suppose. Netv2.0... bring a lawyer and a lobbyist?

Here are a few links just from the last day or so for those with an interest:

Video Games: Medicine for the Body Federation Of American Scientists

Video: Games Education Full Report Federation Of American Scientists Games Summit.

Video Games: For Health Competition as reported by PSXEtreme article mention Robert Wood Johnson here.

A CBC News article, on video games and education.

I'm sure ATS members could provide many more examples and insights to this "war of many small battles".

Herbert Marshall McLuhan once said, "The medium is the message." I'd add that it is a science and technology of serious study and increasing debate.

Victor K.


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