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Aliens - exist or not, my question

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 08:10 AM

each and every one of those involved would be watched like a hawk. There would be audio tracking, visual tracking and so on. There would be no real way of getting any information out,

Consider as well that the hired workers within the govt who are exposed to programs and issues including alien life are given false information and staged experiences, so that if and when they speak out, they are only perpetuating the confusion and discrediting of themselves and of the true facts of what they have witnessed.

False information about alien life and govt involvement is even more destructive to the true purpose of alien visitation than no information at all. Evidence, especially compelling eye witness testimony of professionals, is manipulated and used to maintain fear and mistrust of alien life in the minds of the public.

It's just not enough to know whether the alien races exist or not. The real questions are why they are here and what our leading govts are doing with and to them.

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 01:52 PM
The Reason why these people that have contact nowadays are not being silenced is due to the fact that too many people know, and they figure the rest of society easily will root out the false claims.The Government in the years to come will advocate to portray more truth through the media but in haste time, by then the real deal will already have a wide enough screen of viewers to discern the "TRUTH".

Our consciousness is expanding or being more refined by being pulled out of the old (density) that we are in is just human a plot held by mankind by generations.
We are much more than that we are the epitomy of Space Travel.Why, I say that is that we are being rewired to higher knowing on a level that surpasses what is known.We are at the "Nexus point" a point in which time and space are one.The less bound we are to terms that sustain our reality is when we move past the "Human Mold" and into a new paradigm that goes beyond the threshold of human knowing but into the Cosmic Pool of knowledge which is boundless.

We are but a speck of dust amongst the stars.But being human is trait that is well known throughout the Cosmos.We are the "Intermediaries" between many existances.We are energy which tranverses the Universe.We exist in many layers of being or quandrants that reroute information back to the stonghold of existance.Other factions project their proto type so to speak here, Earth to get a better grasp of whats happening up there, we are a reflection of their past, present and future.

Through our know-how we will "rewrite" what has been written through eons of space through a Gap in time in which we are part of.Energy sustains itself through equality.Another reason why our heritage is smug upon us is that we have had many pasts and when they come to the forefront all will be changed.We will know that in fact we are nothing more than a chain of (Instances) occuring at the same moment in which time adheres to our Knowing and will "Bend" to those occurences.

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by mrwillmrwill
I am new here, though I have been lurking for well over a year now. I have a point to make regarding the whole 'are aliens visiting earth' topic. I should point out that I am a skeptical believer if such a term exists.


Yes "aliens" exist, but they are not from another planet, they are from another dimension and are satanic.

Do some searches on 'fallen angels are aliens' or vice versa. You will find the answer.

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