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US Military not able to meet demand

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posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 08:46 AM
After just watching C Rice state that the US will back Japan, I wondered how the US Military are to achieve this. Besides troops stationed round the World, a massive commitment in Iraq and troops in Afganistan, Iran due for invasion, possibly Syria and now Nk how can it possibly achieve to do all this with current forces. The army has roughly 800k many of witch are not front line troops, so how could it possibly meet all these requirements. If any major conflict should ignite from any of these scenarios then more forces will be required.

If this is the case the draft will have to be introduced, more importantly, will Americans be willing to fight in these far off lands and against countries that dont neccesarily pose a direct threat to America or anyone else.
Also Rice said she was concerned about an arms race in Asia which seems a contridiction when stating that the USA will back Japan. wont this situation actually cause an arms race. Any country wanting to take Japan on would know that they would also have to fight the US therefore its forces would have to be of sufficient capability to do so, to me that would start an arms race. As Japan's capability increased it would be matched by counter forces would it not.

Also Rice does not seem so hawkish of late, has she realised that the game she is in is for real and not just playing politics.

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