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Could The US Handle It?

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posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 10:36 AM
Could US handle sanctions against Iran

In reading the following interview, I have to wonder if sanctions against Iran would be a serious upset for the US.

Would it cause more support from other Muslim nations?

Given the anguish and frustration towards the Bush administration because of the developments in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, it is likely that Iranians will support their regime more and its anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli, anti-American and anti-imperialist rhetoric will gain more currency among Iranians. Needless to say, other Muslim nations (if not their leaders) will share similar sentiments with Iranians in the Middle East.

If oil prices were to rise via Iran, this would pose a problems for the US as well.

Second, the more U.S. attempts to damage the Iranian economy, the more Iran will use its energy resources as leverage to damage the American economy by manipulating prices in the world energy market. So along with Iran, the U.S. will have to bear with the consequences as well.

All the world powers would have to be 'on board' in order for this to succeed, would they remain loyal to the sanction?

Third, Iran has strong economic relations with Russia, China and the EU countries. Thus the U.S. sanction threats will not damage the Iranian economy as much as the U.S. administration calculates. Iran can also make profitable energy agreements with these countries to maintain their support.

How long would it take for Iran to feel any effects from sanctions?

If the other nations did not honor the sanctions put forth by the UN, what would the consequences be?


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