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talk about touchy

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 09:41 PM
apparently i a student can't compare myself to a teacher
i made the mistake of compareing that my english teacher
, who always said that it was our fault if we didn't come to school
ie you could be sick or hit by a car and it was your fault, any way i
mentioned that her attendace was worse than most of her students
shes been out at least 9 days
i got chewed out
something that involved her being older than me
going to college which all teacher will though at you if given the chance it seems
so five years of college gets you 29 sick days(although in surprised shes got that many this chick was out 2-3weeks last year to) and does any one know if MCdonald has insurance on its full time imploys?
hehe your probly thinking wow she really need to learn how to spell and make
grammer correction, i know this ive just got really bad spelling

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