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Abbas May Dissolve Hamas Government

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 09:10 PM
Palestinian President Abbas has now mentioned that he might dissolve the Hamas led government. He said as president he has the constitutional powers to do this if a solution isn't found in forming a working government. Hamas warned that if Abbas attempts a coup, it will be painful.
RAMALLAH — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said yesterday he might opt to dissolve the Hamas-led government and that unity talks with the Islamist group had broken down.

“My constitutional powers, granted by the basic law, will be used in (the appropriate) time,” he said at a news conference, in a clear reference to a possible presidential edict to dissolve the government.

“Hamas warns against any attempt to carry out a coup. The alternatives will be painful,” Rudwan said.

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Abbas has finally come to the conclusion that as long as Hamas is in the Palestinian government they will never be able to find a median ground to form a working government or be able to have a serious dialog with Israel to end their hostilities.

This must have been a hard decision for Abbas to make, after all, he would be kicking officials out of the government that his people elected. I guess Abbas has finally decided that it is no use trying to work with Hamas anymore. Of course this is going to cause quite a bit of violence given the nature of Hamas. Maybe even a civil war, if it can be called a civil war against a dysfunctional government. But then again, if he doesn't get Hamas out of the government, their conflict with Israel will probably only worsen.

This is probably a wise move on his part. There might be some violence once Hamas is given the boot, but not as much violence as Hamas could provoke Israel into. With Hamas in the Palestinian gov't, their would never be any peace for these people, only suffering and Abbas see's this. This is his only option to try to bring stability and an end of the suffering in the long run for his people.

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posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 11:17 PM
Abbas is just a traitor. He's so corrupt. The Fatah is corrupt to the bone to Israël and the US. At least the Hamas is not corrupt. All Israël and the US are trying to do with this is create civil war between the palestinians so they can force them out or at least that they kill eachothers. This is just sick.

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 12:27 AM
Olmert had his chance to support Abbas prior to the election of Hamas (and for a few months afterwards), but he blew it. At the point where it would have made a significant difference, Olmert backed away, saying that Abbas couldn't cut it. Now, he professes to want to strengthen Abbas and work with him; however, I don't believe for an instant that he is sincere. As someone else already pointed out, it is more likely that Olmert just wants to further fracture the Palestinian govt.


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