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Help with 'new type' of Bible Codes

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posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 12:59 PM
Several weeks ago, I began working on a program to test what bible codes may look like using something other than the Hebrew Torah. I am using the King James translation of the Old Testament (in English), and I think I may be on to something exciting !?!? I found the following 'codes' in the book of Ezekiel:

Head Of State Gorge Bush (ELS skip 777)
Fiery Hell (ELS Skip 777)
Death (777)
TenTevet (ELS Skip 776)
Manhattan (ELS Skip 5755)

The first four items above are in very close proximity to each other. TenTevet means the tenth day of the Hebrew month Tevet (their tenth month). The 8 letter word 'Tentevet' is found only a few letters away from where Ezekiel records "the tenth day of the tenth month" (Ezekiel 24). This year, that day falls on December 31. That chapter is about the burning of a city symbolically called the "Bloody City". Using other skip levels I have found several on-topic words in the same vicinity; Sodom, Leader, States, Eagle, Flags, Beast, Seat, Fire, Hidden.

The software I've written allows me to check for a word (or a two word phrase) using a range of Skip Levels. The 9 letter word 'Manhattan' is found ONLY in the book of Ezekiel, and NOT in ANY other book. I searched using ELS skip levels between 2 and 9999, and found it only in 5755. That JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE the Jewish year of when the Bible Codes was discovered. I also found the 7 letter word 'Tootsie' (no joke!) at skip level 1994 (the gregorian year equivalent to 5755). A Tootsie is a harlot. The context in Ezekiel is about an adulterous harlot.

When I started this, it was more for entertainment purposes. But now it's become something different. I am intrigued moostly because the codes I have found turn out to be a confirmation of an interpretation of Revelation which predicts the leader of the USA may die a fiery death at the end of this year. I am currently trying to compute the probability of finding words and phrases. Though I'm a math buff, I could still use some help from anyone who's an expert at probability. Here's what I've done so far:

M = total # of letters in Matrix (the text being searched)
W = number of letters in phrase being sought
S = ELS Skip

Using only the 26 characters of the English alphabet, the total number of possible combinations for the matrix is 26 raised to the M power (a HUGE number). The total number of combinations that contain the Phrase would be 26 raised to the M-W power, multiplied by the number of times the Phrase can fit in the Matrix at ELS Skip S, which is computed as:

Integer portion of M / S (# of full rows in Matrix) - W + 1
multiply above result by: S (# of columns in Matrix)
add above result to: M mod S (# of columns in last row of matrix)

There is a problem with the above method; it does not adjust for the fact that the text being searched will have more E's than any other letter, and more T's than any letter other than E, and so on. In other words, I do not know how to include in the final computation Letter Frequencies. HELP !?!?!?

Lastly, I should note another interesting coincidense: Trying to figure out how a date MIGHT be encoded using only the english alphabet, I tried the following:


I then took certain 4 "digit" sequences, 1234, 2345, and 3210, and encoded them using the above key as 'BCDE' and 'LMNO', 'CDEF' and 'MNOP', 'DCBA' and 'NMLK'. I used the corresponding digit 'equivalence' as the ELS Skip, and found that:

'BCDE' and 'LMNO' are BOTH found exactly 7 times at ELS Skip 1234.
'CDEF' and 'MNOP' are BOTH found exactly 4 times at ELS Skip 2345.
'DCBA' and 'NMLK' are BOTH found exactly 1 time at ELS Skip 3210.

I wonder what the odds are of finding that in other texts. Soon, I will make it so the software can search books like Mody Dick.

Any comments welcomed, but Math help would be EXTREMELY appreciated. THANKS !!!

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 03:08 PM
Ok, I found a place to host an image of the matrix.

I had to divide it into 2 screen shots.



Looking for help trying to figure out the probability of this showing up in the bible or in moby Dick, or any place else.

Note: I realize Gorge is not how the name is spelled, quite frankly, so what. A google search using "Gorge Bush" shows 37,800 hits, and the urban legend dictionary says this:

an intentional misspelling of "George Bush" calling attention to the greed associated with his policies and supporters

Note: The substring "Gorge" appears once, and only once, in the entire old testament. It is part ofthe word "gorgeous" found only in Ezekiel 23:12. it is the hebrew word "Miklowl", which is translated in another place as "All Sorts". This is ALSO the ONLY place in the entire book of Ezekiel where "BUSH" is found at a skip of 2 (perhaps the skip is significant, ie, Bush the 2nd, OR, Bush's 2nd term???). Also, this is the only configuration where "Head" and "State" appear next to the word "OF". Lastly, note how that both forms of "Ruler", and the word "Leader" end in the same "R". FYI, the skip for "HEAD' and "STATE" is 777, making it a phrase. The skip for "LEADER" and "STATES" is 794, making IT another phrase, "LEADER [of the] STATES". For those who don't know, Bush was the Governor of Texas before he became president. The word "TEXAS" is found near "LEADER" at a skip of 7 (not sure if that's significant, probably is)

Desperately seeking a math guru to compute the odds of these.

Oh, did i forget to mention: "Bin Laden" is found several times throughout the entire Old testament, but ONLY IN THIS MATRIX, is he found at a skip of 2001, and "MANHATTAN" is also found ONLY IN THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL at a skip of 5755 (the gregorian year 1994/1995, same year the "Torah[Bible] Codes" was published.

I am truly struggling to accept that this is all mere coincidense. I would LOVE to see someone research it. I will help as best i can !!!!!

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