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Ghosts or just coincidence?

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posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 07:53 AM
A little anecdote for everyone...

Years ago, a few friends (Gareth, Sean & Matthew) and I used to use Ouija boards regularly (every other night) in a garage at the back of my friend's (Matthew) house. Most of the time nothing happened, and on occasion some of the guys would be quite blatantly moving the glass and making jokes out of it. Sometimes little things happened (light bulbs exploding, temperature drops, etc).

One day in particular, Sean, Matthew & I were sitting in Matthew's living room when we heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen. We all jumped up and went into the kitchen to investigate. There we found Gareth looking a bit stupid - he'd been making a toastie in the cheese toastie machine and had clamped down the power cable along with the bread & cheese! This of course caused the bang as the plug fused.

After laughing off his stupidity we heard a heavy thud back in the living room. We walked back in to find that a book had somehow dislodged itself from the bookcase and was lying open on the carpet. To our amazement it was open on a very interesting page... There was a picture on the page of 3 young men jumping up off a sofa and a caption below reading - 'And they jumped up to investigate the noise.'

Very strange.

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 08:04 AM
Goodness that does sound a bit too odd, Must have rally made you shiver
when you seen the book open,

Guess its one of them things you will never know, But i think its just a bit to coincidentle that this happend the way it did,

Was there anything else ever odd happen at your friends house, either before or after this event?

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 08:36 AM
Hi Asala!

Yep lots of strange things have happened. It's quite a good night at the pub when I start telling my ghost stories!

I've always been open to paranormal activity, ever since my mum told me about our resident ghost when I was growing up, Walter. It's actually possible to locate him in the house by causing a disturbance (like moving a wardrobe to another corner of the room or moving a bed). When something is moved he emits a smell and it's certainly a distinctive smell!!!

My friends and I were very patient with the Ouija thing, we had nothing else to do so we just kept trying it every other night. The first thing that ever happened as a result of using a Ouija board was an overhead lamp exploding...

We'd been using the Ouija board for a few months without ANY incident, when one night it crawled a little bit towards 'yes'. We then asked it if it could give us a physical sign. It crawled towards 'yes' a little more and then stopped. We gave up and just talked about it for a while. A moment came after the conversation where there was a dead silence, during this time the overhead lamp's bulb exploded. It was quite late and the garage had no other light source so we were sat in darkness. A few seconds elapsed and then we darted for the doors. 3 of us went towards the back door and Matthew went towards the house door. He was shouting for us to go into the house with him because he was terrified. We went back through the garage and joined him in the house.

After we'd calmed down a bit we decided to take a look at the lamp. As we stepped into the garage we realised why the bulb had exploded, the cable leading to the plug socket in the wall had been yanked from the plug itself, leaving exposed copper wire and sparks coming out of the socket... It seems that was the 'physical sign' we had asked for...


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