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Suvarnabhumi, Bangkoks Corruption Ridden New State-of-Art Airport, Finally to Open

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posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 05:17 AM
It all started about half a century ago, when political decision was reached to substitute Bangkok interim airport at Don Muang. Some 32 years later constructions was finally started and from on there it has been insider dealing on lucrative contracts and shady land deals, followed by an endless trail of corruption allegations. Not before the now toppled Thaksin administration came into power in 2001 did the project gain much progress. With construction efforts getting geared, so did the alleged cases of nepotism and corruption. Not just the bribes paid set records, Suvarnabhumi itself sets a whole series of them. Like the largest single terminal building, at 563,000 sq m; the tallest control tower; and arguably the world's longest-delayed opening.
"Where all kinds of shady deals took off", Bangkok Post calls its rapport.
The study on the new airport was undertaken in 1960 and the Transport Ministry agreed four years later to use Nong Ngu Hao, the Swamp of Cobras, as the new site.

But it took nearly another three decades to see the construction project approved by prime minister Anand Panyarachun in 1992. Many governments until 1992 were accused of intentionally stalling the project by taking money from Thailand's neighbouring countries who feared the new airport in the Kingdom would commercially rival theirs.

Once the project received the green light, it attracted unscrupulous politicians who saw the chance to exploit it for their vested interests. The post at the Transport Ministry became the most contentious and sought after because just the airport project alone had a huge budget of several billion baht for use.

One of the most controversial scandals was the landfill issue. Contenders cried foul about unfair terms of the bidding contest for the 6.8-billion-baht project signed in 1996 when Somsak Thepsuthin was deputy transport minister supervising New Bangkok International Airport Co (NBIA), the firm set up to take responsibility for Suvarnabhumi's construction.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Other more recent controversies includes the infamous scanner deal, where the price-tag rose 1.2 billion baht, without anybody being able to explain why or how or where the money went. Not even an independent government commission was able to solve the riddle. The ruling coup leaders have now set up various bodies under the Council for Democratic Reform to look into corruption and the allegations involving the ousted PM and his closets family.

The former government had the originally scheduled the opening of the new airport to the end 2004. The following postponements have been almost as numerous as the scandals. As little as a month ago IATA recommended to postpone the opening to the end of this year. But the leaders of the coup stand firm on opening as planned.

The issue up to the opening is the chaotic transport condition that for the first few years will taint Suvarnabhumi, 25 kilometres southeast of Bangkok. A planned rail link is at least two years behind schedule. But the issue at hand for the next many? governments is to look into are the myriads of scandals of corruption, allegations of favours and nepotism. Some of them might have implications that could effect safety. For the first couple of months I wouldn't like to fly in or out of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi, the "Swamp of Cobras", as the locals call it.

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 12:50 AM
I just saw a segment about this on CNN. Doesn't it look a lot like the Denver Airport?

Another airport designed for the NWO?

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 01:04 AM
A lot of the new airports are secret bases for the NWO in future. Look underground to see what is there. The airports are also made to gigantic proportions to move a lot of people eg. processing.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 01:07 AM
Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok's hi-tech wonder ill ridden new airport is now operating without safety certificate.

Bkk Post, Sat, January 27, 2007: Airport has safety pass held back

The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) yesterday decided to postpone renewing an international safety certificate for Suvarnabhumi as the airport prepared to close the eastern runway for repairs early this morning. DCA director-general Chaisak Angkasuwan said the authorities would reassess the situation at Suvarnabhumi after a new law is passed requiring all airports to meet the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This has gone on for awhile, but now it's breaking.

The Nation, Fri, January 26, 2007: ...airlines afraid to use new airport

Incoming flights were delayed at Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday as its west runway was closed for repairs for two hours, while the transport minister admitted some airlines were afraid to use the new airport due to safety concerns.

While inspecting cracks on taxiways Transport Minister Theera Haocharoen said: "This has started to affect the country's image and some airlines are afraid to use Suvarnabhumi due to safety fears."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Ever since its opening, in fact years before, it has been despised and unwanted, this multi-billion construction, the golden egg for a couple of generations of politicians, not to mention the investors and their associated pimps and conmen. Like some people will follow them, most they won't.

Only the investors and politicians wanted a new airport. The old BKK airport, Don Mueang had operated, most times congested, but smooth the conditions in mind. But situated about ten kilometres North of the city center on what was once known as Don E Yeo (ดอนอีเหยี่ยว) meaning plateau of eagles and vultures, it is now surrounded by suburban areas.

Please note the original name of the site... -a proper name for a aerodrome- ...compared to the name of the Suvarnabhumi-site, Nong Ngu Hao (หนองงูเห่า), meaning "cobra swamp". The venom greedy bites have left in the process of turning a snake pit into high-tech aerodrome, are now starting to show.

Forget about the sister of the ousted despot, who, taking bids from offers of interior decoration, demanded 25 million from anyone participating in the bid, ...or the missing 1.2 billion for the scanners. Now it's coming down to what has been feared from first on. Flight safety.

Few months after operations started, and now four month on, small cracks in runways and taxiways are turning into risks of safety.

The Nation, Mon, January 22, 2007:Runway cracks widen at Suvarnabhumi

He added the runway and taxiway cracks had spread and as much as 100,000 square metres of tarmac would be affected if nothing were done.

"It is crucial that the involved parties find the causes and solutions to this matter," said Prapan.

He claimed debris from a cracked runway overseas had caused an aircraft accident that killed 130 people.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Meanwhile emergency repair goes on thus restricting traffic and flights are now being diverted for refueling to Utapao after circling in queues over Suvarnabhumi.

Congestion has been a problem from day one of operation. Planned and laid out thirty years ago it's already at full capacity. Together with the chaotic conditions of trouble shooting to get a monster like it running, it has created scenes ranging from discomfort to fierce anger from the users of the facility. Lugage handling are claimed to be sluggish, for the first few weeks hardly working, layouts of operational space had to be changed in order to function. Lightning found to be inadequate and sparse, and common problems like faulty pluming are all things you learn to live with in Thailand.

What to do but slaughter a scapegoat.

Bkk Post, Wed, January 24, 2007: Top airport managers face the chop

Here's pictures of the the president and director of the airport.

Little will it help, you have to learn to live with the risk of Suvarnabhumi if you wanna come and go here.

Meanwhile they might discuss for as many years it took to get it up what to do. The problem seems to be a lack of piling of the runways - build on a swamp.

The Nation, Sun, January 28, 2007: Expert warned 15 years ago building on a swamp was trouble

"There is nothing new in this. You can draw a lesson from the traditional Thai house on stilts standing comfortably in watery terrain. Traditional Thai architecture is amphibious and in harmony with nature."

Sumet, who opposed building the airport on the site because of unfavourable subsoil conditions, suggested air traffic at the four-month-old Suvarnabhumi Airport should then shift to the newly piled runway to allow the existing aprons to be piled.

Alternatively, the old Don Muang airport north of Bangkok could be recommissioned to accept flights while repairs are carried out.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

So generally, it comes down to, the forgot to build it on stilks... in Thailand... but they saved a lot of nice money to put in their pocket.

posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 09:43 PM
For further informations and discussions on the topic, please see this ATSNN thread.

SCANDAL: BKK's New Airport Loses Safety Certificate and Diverts Traffic back to Old One

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