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Roberto Calvi Masonic murder?

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posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 09:58 AM

There has been much speculation that the posing of the body and the use of Blackfriars Bridge were masonic symbols.

Carlo says: "I don't subscribe to that theory. But I do believe there was a masonic element to his death and I do believe the way he was killed was symbolic.

"I believe the killers were sending a message by killing him in public in the heart of the city. There was definitely something theatrical about it all, and the message was clearly worth the risk."

I heard an radio interview the other day thats tated masonic symbols on his body. Which is right? IS there a police record of how the body was posed? And why is this bridge symbolic of masonry? I heard the interview and read this story and wiki and am missing whatever is this "masonic elemement" please inform me.

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