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Vatican to provide free access to Vatican Museums and catacombs on Sunday

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 10:33 PM

The Vatican will provide free access Sunday to the Vatican Museums and all Rome catacombs normally open to the public.

The Vatican said Friday that the free access is part of initiatives for the 2006 European Heritage Days, which highlight architectural and cultural treasures in more than 40 countries

Does this seem like a bad move to you regarding the recent clashes over the Popes comments About Muslim religion.

Yeah I know it,s already open to the public but Tommorow is gonna be ONE BUSY DAY...What kind of security do they have in place?

I,m thinking..
Upset people +open day+ lots of people in the Vatican = unneccessary risk.

Not that anyone takes it too seriously but people are speculating on Ratzinger being the ''black pope''and in league with the Anti-Christ,He allow him access to the Vatican libraries which will ultimately lead to the fall of the Catholic church.

Tommorow could be worth watching.


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