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Light-Body? What R Your Thoughts?

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posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 10:36 PM
In theory and religeon we've heard plenty of people talking about the light body.

I have some questions to ask... they are QUESTIONS, I am in no way saying I believe or disbelieve in the light body.

If we have a light-body,
[General Questions]
1) Does it Exist. Period.
2) Where is it? Where does it function?
2a) Does it function in dreams?
3) Does it have form?
4) Can it have form?
5) How much light does it have?
5a) Can it lose or gain light?
6) Which came into being for who?
Did (A) The Light-Body Come into Existance for the Human-Body? OR (B) The Human-Body Come into Existance for the Light-Body?
7) Could this potentially be a place for growing/harvesting light-bodies?
7a) Could this conciousness potentially keep on going until everyone finally grows their light body?
8) How does the light-body grow?
9) What happens after your light-body is grown?
10) Does this light-body have its own unique awareness?
11) Can this light-body learn?
11a) or does it know everything?
11b) [Assuming (2a) is a yes]or are their other 'light-bodies' from other 'worlds' around to teach?
12) How do light-bodies interact?
[General Questions]

[More Complex Questions]
1) Considering the nature of the light body, (being composed of 'light') Would it be fair to say, that it is totally different than the human body. Now this question can sound real stupid, so I'll clarify. What I mean is.. say ME as a certain human body, has certain characteristics, I exude a certain persona.... So would it be fair to say that the characteristics my light-body exude would be different? ... or would they bear in-common some of the same attributes?

2) Could it be correct to state that: at birth, we are given a certain amount of energy to compose our light-body? ................
2a) and, that we can choose to use that little bit of energy to either, live our life. or to grow our light-body?
[More Complex Questions]

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posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 12:25 AM

Believe it or not today when I went into my bedroom there was a large fairy seemingly made of something like light although more solid. If flew across my room then vanished. I also saw something similar flying near my feet yesterday but it vanished before I could focus on it.

Light bodies?

When I first studied astral projection I decided to try and force myself out of my body. I lay on the floor and began struggling to get myself out and almost instantly five beautiful light beings appeared and told me to stop because it wasn't my time yet. They told me a few things I forget now, but many times I brought them back to me simply by trying to force myself out of my body. I think they are projections kinda like astral forms coming from solid beings on another dimension.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 03:29 PM
probedbygrays, you were probably seeing either your spirit guides or 4th-5th dimensional beings (possibly higher). I have tried to force myself out of my body before . I've had the sensation of being pulled up by some force, but after a while I just sink back down. I can't hold myself all the way for some reason...Maybe my subconscious is holdiing me back?

Another interesting "workout" is when you lie down on your bed with the shades closed, lights off, and stare at the ceiling with your hands in front of you. After a few minutes, you will start to see your aura rise off of your body. For me it has crept up and down my arm at first then I freaked out and stopped, but I'm sure you could see it around your whole body...

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