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On mind control: Basic knowledge

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posted on Sep, 9 2006 @ 05:50 AM
On mind control: Basic knowledge

The Mind control is against the universal declaration of human rights by the UN. All people are free, and should live in brotherhood of man.

The term mind control has many meanings, for example, advertising, subliminal advertising, hypnotic self help, or government propaganda.

On the ”alien agenda” mind control means influencing the behaviour of an individual. And to creating or remolding victims personality towards desired state. The desired model human for the elite of the world, or, ”the Illuminati” is: Easily steerable mass-human without personal characteristics. A stupefied, dumbed down person. This secures the interests of the elite of the world. So they can lead our lives thought changing times the way they want.

Apparently growing out of earlier government mind control research programs such as MKULTRA, and government suppression-of-dissent programs such as COINTELPRO, today’s mind control is covert, finely crafted, around the clock harassment perpetrated against citizens living in their homes and communities.

It is to be noted, that MK-ULTRA and other government programs worked as a front for the ”alien” mind control techniques, which are superior. The intradimensional way of mind control using the ”alien” technologies ensures, that the result is always the desired one. And undesired for all free-loving people.

Destruction of family and other relationships by way of lies, bribes, and threats is a goal of the phase of today’s mind control. The current day mind control program has been carefully engineered so that if the target complains, their own words will instantly cause them to be labeled as mentally ill.

The mind/body symptoms of current day mind control include: Excruciating PAIN(!) Exceptionally frequent blanking of recent memories, and truncation of new ideas

- Very unnatural inability to sleep, as if large amounts of caffeine have been consumed.
- Sudden forced awakening at precisely the same time in the middle of the night, continuing for at least months, and right on a clock time such as 4 am, zero minutes, zero seconds
- Sudden clumsiness, which can result in spills, spoilage of precise work, or injury - Attacks of extreme fatigue, sometimes almost to the point of paralysis, when there is no reason for such attacks
- Frequent powerful itching without rash, and which may start as a small electric shock
- Artificial “bee stings”, especially while trying to get to sleep
- Wildly racing heart without any cause
- Sudden overheating, without any cause
- Frequent flailing of arms and legs as you try to sleep
- Fake sounds such as alarm clock going off when it shouldn’t, telephone ringing when there is no incoming call, knocking on the door but no one is there
- Voices, either very insulting, or telling you things that indicate you are under surveillance
- Vibration of body parts when trying to sleep
- High pitched tone in ears, which may change when switching electronic equipment on or off In some cases, statements by strangers indicating they know what you had for supper In some cases, statements by strangers indicating they can read your thoughts
- Artificial and powerful sexual stimulation
- Artificial and powerful PREVENTION of sexual stimulation .

On religious point of view mind control is satanic, because it tampers with the human mind. Only the God has the leave to create or mold the human mind. For this reason The ”alien” mind control can be understood as SATANIC activity.

On political scale the mind molding of the human collective mind reflects the hegemony of the U.S. The military of the U.S. imposes us the New world order using mind control. And we can`t shield ourselves from it. Which makes us as puppets on strings.

We think we lead our lives. But we do not. We have to wake up to take notice on the situation. And try to change the course of history.

All the best, Usko Ahonen

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