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broken noses

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 11:27 AM
just wondering about people with experience with broken noses!!

okay well heres my story i broke my nose 11 days ago, i put it straight myself (at the time) but i had it re-set 7 days ago (so doctor re-broke it again).

i can breathe through my nose perfectly again now, ive got a rough idea about the shape (it more or less looks the same as it did before).

but i don't know i'm kinda vain in a way, ive just took a few pictures of it & it does look slightly different to before (maybe a little bent still) :/

now i'm not sure if this is swelling, i can still a feel LITTLE pain in it - so am i right in saying if you can still feel it they will still be swelling?

but yeah just wondering off anyone else who as broke there nose in the past, after 1/2 weeks did your nose go to the shape it is now? or did it take longer?

ive looked around the net and i know doctors usually say 1/2 weeks the swelling will go, but i don't think you can't beat experience lol.

anyway cheers

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 11:41 AM
I had my nose broke when I was about 14. Thanks to a nice sucker shot from a school mate, but thats another story.

It had a nice hinge in it, however very little bruising. The doctor put some tongs up each nostril and pulled it into place. I could feel the bones shifting in my face, bit of a strange feeling.

To this day I find when I buy a pair of sunglasses, the part that straddle my nose always go crooked in the first week or two. Nobody else can wear a pair after I do, because they do not sit straight on their face. You can not notice a warp in my nose, but apparently one exists.

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